Hello world!

It’s official, I am a blogger in this blogosphere world we now live. I do have a family blog that I started a few months ago where I write about vacations, child accomplishments, household humor,etc., (http://theburgdorfs.blogspot.com/). However,  I need a forum to discuss the everyday need to know’s, trials and tribulations of motherhood, my crafting/thrifting goodness, and all things fabulous (and not) about life as a stay-at-home mom. Ya know, things no one talks about. Most people only talk about the good things about parenthood, marriage, and their children…”Today, Elsa (made-up child) rolled over for the first time, learned to spell her name, and said please and thank you to everyone she encountered, my husband gave me a foot rub, I love my life.” Crap! It is not all roses, all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many moments in a day that “I love my life”, but there are many moments I don’t. It is not easy to have feisty almost 3.5 year old, who is so temperamental that you have to walk around on eggshells to avoid a tantrum. Or an 8 month old who whines 24/7, has a protein  intolerance (FPIES- Food Protein Induced Entercolitis Syndrome) that forced me to give up breastfeeding (something I truly enjoyed), which is practically bankrupting us from the cost of his special formula, no longer being able to enjoy the foods that I love because of it, and being exhausted from getting up 2-3 times a night to feed the little guy. Don’t forget the 3 loads of laundry I have to wash and fold, and make dinner and clean yet another sink full of dishes. Oh, I almost forgot, it has been months since I have pooped by myself. My daughter likes to sit on the stool in the bathroom in front of me to chat. I guess it is my own fault for never closing the door. We lived without interior doors during our home remodel for four years, so I got used to the openness (my husband is a contractor, so we did all the work ourselves, hence the FOUR years). It doesn’t help that she likes to chat non-stop either…adorable, and annoying at times. One may say (including me) that I am a complainer, but that is just how I deal (sorry Mom). I feel like informing others of my issues, will somehow help others deal with their own. Maybe it is just self-righteous of me, but I have always felt I have been put on this earth for others to learn from me. Things like, how to take better care of your skin and hair (some passions of mine); learning what things are worth buying at Forever 21; realizing that someone’s trash really is someone’s treasure (thanks Dad and Nicole); to more serious things, like don’t drink and drive (I had a DWI when I was only 16); you can suffer losses and make it through; and genetic testing is a good idea if you know you are the kind of person that would struggle with a special needs child (my nephew, Tyler has a neuro-genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome). By simply talking about my experiences, good or bad, someone is bound to learn a thing or two, right? I will do my best to add my charm and humor to it all, too! I should say what is true today is not tomorrow. Remember that. I already forgot half the stuff I was complaining about a month ago. I guess it is good I am writing it all down. If not for me, but for my children. Does anyone else have parents who said that you never had tantrums, slept through the night a 6 weeks, always sat quietly in church, and loved your siblings unconditionally from the moment they entered the world? My guess is, that is not the case. It is called motherhood-induced amnesia…something I just made up to describe what everyone experiences. Otherwise, why would we have multiple children?

I hope you all enjoy my posts to come! Thanks for visiting!


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