Day 1: Confession #1(Conception)

Well, I thought I would start from the beginning. Conception. I am a rare exception, but I actually see ovulation, feel it and I know when my egg has dropped and is in full-get-inside-me (the egg, talking) sperm mode. I know what you are thinking, I am crazy. Well, I really am, but not about this. I have been blessed with the gift of detection. Really, it has unveiled itself in many forms over my 30 something years of living. I feel like so many women struggle with conception (for many reasons, some unfortunate ones) but sometimes unnecessarily. You just have to really listen to your body and all of its (icky) signs. If you’re not sure what I am talking about, it is that slimy, egg-white-like substance lurking in your underwear. If you haven’t found it there, then perhaps when wiping, after going pee (or poo), the toilet paper is extra glide-ee, and you are not quite sure why. Well, my friends (cause really, we are all going to be friends after my graphic-ness) that is ovulation residual. I usually experience it for 2-3 days, which during that period, is prime s-e-x (baby-making) time. Now, of course you could follow the other rule, that 14 or so days after the start of your last period (and that week) is optimal timing as well. However, I think, the slime, is a better predictor. Simply “enjoy” your spouse, or baby-to-be-daddy, for numerous times a day, for the next week, and hopefully, you will be well on your way to the sleepless night, swollen self, blissful (10 month) journey to motherhood. Clearly, this is not 100% fool-proof, but I think you could agree that you wish someone would have told you this sticky detail sooner. Well, except the men. They would want there to be no clear “optimal” time so everyday was a “enjoy” day. Sorry, boys! Good luck!

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