Day 2: Confession #2 (Ultrasound)

Okay, you now have a positive pee test from those hard to read awkward stick thingy’s. You call your doctor to set up a ultrasound (we all want to instantly see that adorable baby on a full screen) only for them to tell you that you have to be 9 weeks pregnant before they will see you (you are roughly 4 weeks to get a positive reading). What? If you are anywhere near as neurotic as me, this is one of the hardest things ever! I was (am) the biggest worry wort too, which didn’t help matters. I was convinced that any jostle, discharge, or movement could induce (or meant) a miscarriage. All I wanted was that ultrasound to ensure a healthy baby was in tow, attached, and along for the ride.

Well, after a grueling 5 weeks, the day finally arrived. I go in, with husband, to what I thought would be a fully clothed, lift the shirt, squeeze the goo on the belly ultrasound. Oh, no! It was a take your bottoms and underwear off and put this (noisy paper cloth) around you and the doctor will be in shortly kind of visit. The doctor then comes in, asks some questions, then pulls out a “wand” looking thing, puts on, what looks like a condom, and inserts it in your va-jj (belly ones come later). Yep, no one told me that one! It sure isn’t like that on tv. Anywho, after the awkward discomfort of that, I look over on the screen only to see a bean-like shape inside a circular shape. “Congratulations”, I hear. “You are pregnant”. As excited as I was to hear that, I really was hoping for a baby on the screen. Selfish, I know. To further disappoint, you don’t get to hear a heartbeat, you only get to see a “flicker” that the tiny bean shape produces. Again, wish someone had told me that. We have so many expectations as humans (especially expecting mothers), so it would be helpful to have realistic ones from the start, right? Tell a friend. They will thank you later.

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