Day 5: Confession #5 “PREPARATION, Anticipation and Constipation” part 1

With a title like this, I am going to have to break this down into a 3-part post. You will, hopefully, be on the edge of your seat eagerly awaiting the continuations through the weekend. That being said, “preparation” is really a topic worthy of its own title, but I just couldn’t resist this grouped one. Actually, Brandon (“the husband”) came up with it, so I thought I would use his witty charm to spruce up my blog 🙂

How do you begin preparing for the biggest life-changing event you will ever encounter? Well, I began by naming the unborn fetus, reading every book I could (could, because I never actually read), set up a registry (or two, or three), enrolled in birthing classes, watched LifeTime, got laid-off work (another life-changing event for me), cried a lot, second guessed everything, decorated the nursery with painstaking detail, wondered if my boobs would ever stop leaking (began at 27 weeks), organized the whole house, wondered why we are doing this?, banned S-E-X forever, baked cupcakes weekly, attended the birthing classes, annoyed the heck out of my doctor, well maybe just the nurses… BUT, I enjoyed every minute of it. I did; I actually did. Other than the swollen right foot (towards the end) and the hip pains while sleeping, it was an amazing experience. Amazing enough, that I did it again.

The Name Game
I am not your typical “indecisive women”, nor is my husband the typical “have no opinion man”. Thankfully, we usually share the same opinion (at least when it comes to design and esthetics), so coming up with our children’s names was no exception. I had our daughter’s name picked out since highschool, and Brandon LOVED it. He chose the middle name one night while we watched The Davinci Code movie, and I LOVED it. Elle Sophie it would be. I am a shout it from the roof top kind of gal (shocking, right?)…so we told everyone. For the most part, everyone genuinely liked it. Aside from a few, uh’s? and o-oh’s…it seemed pretty well revered. So many people don’t want to tell their chosen names before birth, but I can’t keep any secrets. Obviously. News flash: No matter what you name your child, and when you tell it, someone is going to have something to say about it. Trust me. My favorite, are the people who aren’t silent at all. Bring it on! (one of my favorite movies, btw). I will say, I can’t stand just blatant ignorance…No we did not name our daughter “mexican the” or the letter “L”.

As for our sons name,we watch the FX series, “Justified” and it is based in Harlan County, Kentucky. We both just fell in love with the name Harlan…once I googled it and realized it was a bona fide name and surname, it was locked in. Harlan it is. The only real embarrassing thing is explaining to people, that our children’s names are all television/movie characters (Elle – Legally Blonde (though not where we got it from), Sophie (from Davinci Code), Harlan (Justified) and Greyson, his middle name (Cougar Town). I guess you know what Brandon and my favorite pass time is.

No matter how you get your children’s name, or how much you like them, there will always be someone with a strong opinion about it otherwise, and some pimple face kid waiting to add something to the beginning or end of it to taunt them with (mine was “Smash-ley”, my sisters “Smelly-Kelly”) in grammar school. Really? Dweebs! My advice: Just choose one YOU like, not what your parents like. You’re the one who has to hear it come out of your mouth forty-million times a day. Just don’t be so shy about sharing it early on. I would personally rather see the faces of those who don’t like it, instead of the fake text message that says they love it. Just, saying.

Reading & Registry
Take it from an overanalyzer…don’t get bogged down in the details. I do think you should carouse the book shelves for a couple of basics like “What to Expect When Your Expecting”, “Sippy Cups Are Not For Chardonnay”, and “Becoming The Parent You Want to Be” or something similar. The reality is, you can study all you want how to play football, but you will never know how to play football, until you get out on the field. I never have, but you get the analogy. People, just like me, can tell you how it will be, but you have NO idea until that baby makes its way into this world. Hopefully, for you, with only minor tearing. Just don’t go onto the field blind-folded either. You owe your team that.

As for your registry. My best advice would be to go with someone who has a kid or two. Not every baby is the same…I didn’t need lot’s of things for my first that I need for my second, and vice-versa. BUT, It might stop you from scanning away on 20 cheesy self-expression bibs (i.e. “my Auntie loves me”) when you could just get a few cool bandana bibs (for the drool) and some wipe-able Bibbity bibs for eating (a tip I learned from my sis). I am not going to go into detail on everything, because I do have two children I should be taking care of right now. Just don’t get to trigger happy unless you demand gift receipts with every gift. I registered at 3 different places for my first, which was unneccessary. Everyone will most likely go to Target anyway, since it is the most convenient, so I would do as much as you can there. Of course, Babies “R” Us has the biggest selection and is a great resource, my only complaint is they are usually far away. Our nearest one is 30 plus minutes. My biggest complaints with Target are: Their website sucks (constantly crashing and things are out-of-stock), and so does their return policy. If you do not have a receipt, you can only return up to $75 per year (not calendar either). The second time around, I choose a local baby boutique “Mother and Baby Source” which worked out perfectly. They even did free gift wrap and delivery for out-of-towners. I think everyone was pleased. Anyway, you will always over do it, especially on your first, but really listen to fellow mother’s on this one. There will be plenty of other things, as a mother, that you do all on your own!

to be continued…


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