Day 15: Confession #15 (Baby blues)

Oh, good ‘ol baby blues. If you didn’t get them, consider yourself lucky and abnormal. The hormone surge after delivery alone is enough to spark tears, not to mention the overwhelming feeling of being a mother trapped in her home with a sleepy baby attached to her boob 24/7. Baby blues for me meant random acts of crying and the confounding “what the heck did I get myself into” feeling. It lasted about 2-3 weeks, which was short enough not to worry it was postpartum depression, but long enough to annoy me, and my husband. The more I think about, lifetime should do a movie about it. Not me, though intriguing, but about baby blues. Lifetime preys upon women, emotional ones like myself, to reenact painful life issues. Why not the topic of postpartum blues. I am sure it would star Lisa Rinna, and Dean McDermott and would be set in a southern or mid-western town at a plantation style house with a wrap around porch. Can’t you picture it?

Any who, the blues are just apart of your motherhood adventure. I wish someone would have told me it is really not a big deal, you are not a horrible person or mother because you don’t feel over-joy all of the time, and 80% of women will feel the exact way you do. I mean, even the skin you are left with is droopy, blubbery and sad, why wouldn’t you feel the same. Who’s body is this anyway? I am pretty sure that I never had hips, wore double-digit sized clothing (beyond a 10 anyhow), had flappy wavy arms, or leaked so much blood before. Yeah, you wear thick-ass über super absorbent pads for the 2 weeks following the birth of your bundle of joy. This is one thing that ALL mothers will experience. Doesn’t matter if you gave birth in a bath tub, on all fours, the traditional way, or had a cesarean. You will bleed more heavily and much longer than any period you have had. I guess it is payback for the 9 month hiatus you took. Good thing you have your support group to cry to.


3 thoughts on “Day 15: Confession #15 (Baby blues)

  1. LOL! Well, I guess I can officially call myself “abnormal” but I knew that long before I had children. hahah! I never had baby blues. Probably, because my husband was living in LA on business 4-5 days a week, for the first year, after my first son was born and never saw him but on the weekends. I had to keep it all together doing it mostly on my own. About the same with baby #2 as he almost missed the birth (Logan 6 weeks early) But I feel for all those mothers who do have it. I: saw this quote a while back, ” Motherhood is the only place you can experience, heaven and hell at the same time.”

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