Day 18: Confession #18 (Alpha Mom)

So, now that you are veteran parent, at home anyway, you start to venture out… places other than your weekly support group. This is how your daily trips to Target began…what is it about that place that you can waste countless hours walking up and down every isle, only to get to your car with 3 bags full of stuff that you don’t remember putting in your cart, let alone placing them on the conveyor belt and the conversation you had with the check-out lady about how adorable your child is? When you’re not at target, are probably walking every path near your house (how else would you be working off those extra lbs and getting your baby to sleep, right?). However, somehow, it is not enough to satisfy your craving of a social life. You know that thing you had before having a kid. I Love being a mother.. I love being a mother…I love being a mother. Oh, sorry. I am back. This is when it is time to start going to the park, the mall playgrounds, the book store to hang out in the children’s section (this used to be a great place, until Borders went out of business) and actually calling those moms whose numbers you got during last weeks support group. The baby talk, the Bjorn, and week-old breast milk stains, are just not cutting it as companions anymore. You long for some new Mommy friendships. Now, I am a stay-at-home mom, so of course this matters a great deal more to me then you moms who know an end is near and work is just months away. You mommies will most likely be more than happy to maintain the friendships you all ready have. I mean, you simply don’t have time for the popularity contest. Let’s get real, that is exactly what this means. To find a “new” group of friends who have babies your babies age (with-in weeks is a must), means you are entering the world of high-school all over again. Fortunately for me, I LOVED highschool. I was the blond-haired perky boobed (not anymore) cheerleader after all. I am sure it is of no surprise, that I dominated the conversations I had with mommies, at the park, support group, playdates, etc. To adopt the description that my book guru, Stephanie Wilder-Taylor uses, I am kind-of an “Alpha Mom”. Now, I say “kind-of” only because I don’t 100% agree, or fit into, her category explained in “Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay”. I did not play softball in highschool, nor do I currently do Bikram yoga (although it sounds pretty sweaty and neat). I am the one who seeks knowledge about parenting and reads lots of parenting type books (well only parts that I deem interesting), and  given an opportunity, will “dispense my critiques on a wide range of my parenting decisions”. I guess I did channel my “middle-management skills into a fierce obsession with child rearing” too. That one is a little harder to admit. Now, she recommends “that while you are still getting your sea legs, it’s best to keep a good distance between you and the Alpha’s forceful opinions, lest you get strong-armed into her ideas about everything from preschools to parenting philosophies.” Okay, all true, except the part that you should stay clear. Why wouldn’t you want an Alpha moms diverse knowledge assessable at the touch of a text message (everyone’s primary source of communication nowadays)? I would sure as heck rather be known as the resident Alpha Mom over the Gossipy Mom (one may argue I am this too), “Drama Mama”, “Bitchy Mom”, or the “Safety Patrol Mom” ( I have always been a rule breaker myself). Now I strive to be the “Rich Mom”, who doesn’t, be honest people!  I must say that I see the “Student Council Mom” in my future, so I won’t bad mouth them. She also mentions the “Crunchy Mom”, in Davis, these are plentiful, and the ever so walked all over “Freshman Mom”. Lastly, the “Burnout Mom”, which she states “was probably the “Safety Patrol Mom”, at one time but now is the most-laid women of them all (I think I know one of these for sure).  I am sure everyone, can pick out some of these in your current mommy circle. I feel that these personalities are what make, the otherwise boring playdates, interesting. I will have more tips to making these funnier in a future post… so stayed tuned. I have to say, out of the whole Sippy Cups book, this resonated with me the most. I guess it is the popularity component of it all. I am a sucker for an opportunity to be on top, well except in the bedroom. Oops, did I say that out-loud?

What type of mother are you? SPILL-IT PEOPLE! I have been for the last 18 days!


5 thoughts on “Day 18: Confession #18 (Alpha Mom)

  1. I think I was “Safety Patrol Mom” the first time around, but that has passed. I don’t think I’m “Alpha Mom”, but I have read A LOT of parenting books. Not sure what I am any more. 🙂

  2. I would have to call myself ” the helicopter mom”. yes, its true. Mostly with my second. I guess that is why I never eat or sit down much. My boys are never out of my sight. It is exhausting but there is no room for the to get into trouble just being 6 and 4yrs old. Lately, I feel more like ” The Vorster Boys Referee”.

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