Day 29: Confession #29 (Boo, Boo’s)

Boo, boo’s are not just words you say on Halloween to scare people. Once you become a parent, you will become all to familiar with them , and there varying kinds. When your child does gets hurt, I am not sure who is more scared, you or them. To be honest, this was not a planned topic for this 31-day blog challenge, but after my daughter fell down our driveway yesterday, while running as fast as she could, having the time of her life, and scrapped and bruised her knees to the point of uncontrollable crying, resulting in cancelled dinner plans, crying herself to sleep while laying next to her, and why she is staying home from school today…I couldn’t help but feel the need to vent and warn.

I will never forget the first time I saw her bleed. It is up there in my top 3 most traumatic parenting moments! Yes, I have a list. Drama has always been a part of my life, so I guess I should have realized it would carry over in my parenting life, but I didn’t. I guess I didn’t, think. When she was a little over a year, we were at a family party, and my cousin’s son, pushed her face first into a kiddie pool. I watched the whole thing happen in slow motion, and I ran over to rescue my poor victim daughter (talk about feeling rage towards another child) only to discover blood oozing from her. At the moment I grabbed her, I couldn’t tell what had caused the blood, besides the blatant attack that had just transpired. I lost it. I cried uncontrollably, and was more than mortified to be doing so. My subconscious was saying, “what the hell is wrong with you…everyone is looking at you”, but I just couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. It turns out, it was just her mouth, from her tooth biting down on something while face planting. I think it had stopped bleeding before I had stopped crying. The worst thing was, we were saying good-bye to everyone when it happened, so it now looked like we were pouting are way out of the party. It was scary, humiliating, and angering. I even cried sporadically the whole drive home, after calling my best new mommy friend to reenact the scene in the hopes of validating my reaction. I am pretty sure, most would not have cried as I did, but that is me. I am an emotional person..and I like it that way. This assures my “in” socially…everyone needs one in their crowd. No matter how you ‘typically’ react, just know, the first time you see your child get hurt to the point of blood, it might open the flood gates. Wish someone would have told me that…it might have at the very least, shut my nagging subconsious up!

When I was my daughter’s age, any time my sister got hurt, I cried too. My mom, said it always made for a very difficult situation (from a comfort standpoint)…now I totally get it. My son started wailing after my daughter fell, and I felt like I should have a conductors wand to direct their symphonic sounds (can you see my hands now). Luckily, my husband was there to hold “the boy”. As a child, I had a few pretty bad falls. One that resulted in a broken arm and a few others in stitches. To this day, my mom recalls them as being her most traumatic parenting days and can recall every last detail of the events (but she still claims I have never had a tantrum, and always behaved…funny how memory works). There is just something, like seeing your child in pain, that will trigger a flashbulb memory and send you in a dramatic spiral of self-pity and tears.

Just know, that seeing your child get hurt, hearing their painful cries, and watching them in their most vulnerable state is heart wrenching. The silver lining, because there always is one, is that you get to hold them and cuddle them and kiss them and lay next to them while they sleep. Sure, when they are infants you get to do this everyday, but as they get older, they don’t require it or want it (most of the time), so selfishly, it is kind of amazing when they do.


3 thoughts on “Day 29: Confession #29 (Boo, Boo’s)

  1. My youngest daughter tries to fake injuries for band-aids. After she used up the last one in the package we were forced to establish this new rule: “no blood, no band-aid”!

  2. It’s the worst! I will never forget the pool incident. Mama love is fierce, I’ve experienced it on several playgrounds. Hope E’s on the mend quickly.

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