The Power of Four

  Today, I received a text from one of my besties, Kristine.  It read, “The last couple of days have really put things into perspective. You three: caring, creative,beautiful, loyal women are such a blessing. Though, we don’t talk much (I am inserting a sad face here), you all mean the world to me. Sometimes we just need to hear it. Happy Friday, Besties!”

The Fantastic Four-Kristine, Annie, Me and Lauren

Like all great superheroes, you need a team. A team where every member offers something unique, stands out on their own, but wouldn’t function the same without the rest. That is how this group is. I have known these fabulous ladies for twenty plus years (wow, we are old), and there hasn’t been a week that goes by (well maybe one or two) that I have not spoken, texted or emailed with at least one of them. They are my rock. I wanted to ‘blog’ about this because I feel it is imperative that everyone have someone, or some group that they feel this way with. How else would you get through days like I have had lately, or so many of my friends and loved ones suffering the loss of Jacob, an innocent child who lost his battle with the rare genetic disease, Niemann-Pick. It is during times like these, that you need a team. A strong one.

As for mine, I know I have mentioned them throughout my 31-day blog challenge, but I have never told who they really are. Kristine, the first to befriend me, is the caretaker. Not only is she a nurse by profession, even in grade school she would carry around a first aid kit, we should have known, but she is also the one to tell you how it is, when you need to hear it, feel sympathy for everyone, and makes life look easy. She is loving, hilarious, a go getter, and a bestie for life.

Annie, is my emotional clone, and as we get older, are becoming more and more similar in many more ways. She is the one who is as dependant on me, as I am on of her, and this I love. I love her quirkiness (I do need to mention she is kind of a crazy cat lady), her sense of style, her ability to ‘own it’, and her passion for all things good. We just get each other, and I truly don’t know what I would do without her. Muah!

Last, but certainly not least, Lauren. Lauren is one of the most confident gals I have ever met. She always has something positive to say about everything and can always make me smile. A trait, I wish I had. Her spiritual ora is infectious and she truly lights up every room. Radiant. She is the only bestie I have not had the pleasure of calling a roomy, but we got to work together in my former life as a career woman, and it was spectacular. She is a powerhouse, my powerhouse. I love her, dearly.

Truth be told, I could go on and on, but this isn’t my memoire. This is just me, telling you that the power of friendship is fabulous, and needed. Maybe you should tell your friends what they mean to you. Sometimes we just need to hear it.

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