Thrifting, and the Powers that be

Seriously, one of the best things I have learned in my recent years of my stay-at-home, low-budget lifestyle, is the power of thrifting. I have my friend Nicole to thank for this loveliness, and hopefully, by the end of this post, you will be thanking me. Fortunately, I live in a college town so our local thrift store (SPCA) is filled with broke college kids, mothers like me, and diy-ers, not transients or trailer trash (a common misconception of the thrifting community) although a few sneak in on occasion. I have always been one for a good deal, and love to shop at places like Ross and Marshalls (thrift stores to some). So, it only seemed natural to give true thrift stores a shot. I mean if you can search through the mixed matched disastrous racks of Ross, and the housewares isle at Marshalls, then you got this. Sure, it won’t have the same aroma in the air, but it will offer your bargain detecting eyes, a thrill. I promise. If it doesn’t, than at least the people watching will (one of my favorite pass times). I will say that most of what I thrift, is child related – Disney VHS’s, stuffed animals for my daughters stuffed friends obsession, kids clothes, toys, costumes, etc. On occasion, I actually shop for myself and strike gold. 

Awhile back when I was in HomeGoods, I saw this amazing framed cork board. They wanted $50 or so dollars for the thing, way out of my price range, but I figured maybe one day “I could make that” (a phrase my husband has perfected btw). So, a large wooden frame went to the top of my must find thrift/garage sale item list (yes, I have one and so should you). A couple of months ago, I walked up to the SPCA thrift store, and there she was. A real beaut just begging for a new purpose and a new home. 

It sat in the garage for a few months until I had the time, and the right spray paint to do the project. This is what I came up with…

Now, I realize split pea is not for everyone, but it is almost identical to my inspiration “HomeGoods” frame, and I happen to love it ( ironically, not the soup). Next, I went to Office Depot and purchased a roll of cork ($14) and a foam board ($6), my hubby already had some spray adhesive, so we were set. I say ‘we’ because this is where Brandon always takes over to steal my DIY thunder (which, I secretly love most of the time). His next steps went as follows…

   cut the board to fit the frame

cut the cork to fit the board

spray the adhesive on the cork

here is Brandon using a cold beer can to roll the glued side to the board (he then drank it, of course)

Voila! Here she is in all her glory – and more than half the price of its inspiration. I think this is my favorite project to date. It is in our entry way, and houses Doodles art work at the moment. I plan to use it as rotating seasonal decor, and one day be the sounding board for my kids crazy schedules (i.e. soccer, ballet, cub scouts, etc.).

On another thrifting adventure, I came across the holy grail. Literally. It was as if God’s light was shinning down on himself

Now, I am a mostly, non-practicing, feel good Catholic who loves me a good gag gift. I mean who could resist this? I actually couldn’t believe it hadn’t already been snatched up, but maybe they too were sticker shocked. Two dollars and fifty cents can get me 6 VHS movies for Doodle, for crying out loud. However, this was worth every penny. To fully grasp its holiness here are some close-ups…

please note that Jesus’s belly is in fact a mirror (displaying my fingers)

If you still can’t read it, it says amaze ball things such as “takes the edge off of sinning”, “get tight with Christ”…who wouldn’t want to christen their skin with dazzling sparkle cream while thinking pure thoughts? This sinfully fabulous kit, went to our dear friends Dax and Annie for their engagement gift. I am not sure they thought it was as perfectly funny as Brandon and myself did, but I stand by my decision. Afterall, it came to me by the powers that be.

If these items don’t get you to at least carouse your local thrift store (or a nicer neighboring cities) than I don’t know what will.

The god’s have spoken.

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