Do ~ Buttons


 Ever since Pinterest, and my first 31 day challenge, I fell in love with buttons. Not the ones that you sew (though I do love those too, and use them for crafts), the graphic ones. I had to learn how to do one for my blog (see above), but I only know how to do one in Picasa’s creative editing kit, which requires a photo image to start with. I thought I could just make them in Word and save it somehow in a jpg form (maybe even a snaphot image), but that was an epic fail. I can’t even tell you how many countless hours I have wasted trying to do this (3 on my breathe post alone). I am not tech savvy. I am tech illiterate (sorry, cuz). I feel like I am letting my generation down, but I am slowly, through the help of the blogging community, learning some ‘cool’ things.

Today my friends, I thought I would share a new website I found that allows you to make buttons, or whatever creative image you want, for FREE! Of course, they do give you the basic ones for free and the really cool ones come with a price tag, but even the price tag could be found at the thrift store. It is called It is going to single-handedly change my blogging life, forever! Dramatic, I know. Of course, the little guy in red that sits on my left shoulder told me not to share this with all of you because now everyone will have nifty buttons… but that is not my style. I truly believe I was put on this earth for people to learn from me. I know, rather Machiavellian of me, but it is the truth. It is how I feel.

I will say it still takes some time manipulating the options they give you, and figuring out how to get a button out of their graphics. However, once I got the hang of how their system works, it took 5 minutes to complete one. Improving my time spent, and my sanity! Thank you, Lord!

Here is a sample of one I came up with…


Voila! I still have a lot to learn, but I was too excited not to share.

 I have had “learn how to make buttons” on my to-do-list for a while, and now I can check that off my list!

All of you can now too.

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