Do ~ Hearts

Every October, our preschool and local church have huge rummage sales. This year, I was there bright and early to ensure first picking. Let me tell you, I scored. Not only did I get my daughters bike for $12, which we saved so Santa could put it under the tree, UGG boots for the boy for future wearing ($2), various other clothing and toy steals, and a canopy for Doodle’s room. The canopy is from Ikea and is only 10 bucks, but I got it for the bargain price of $1. It was a little boring for me,which is why I never shelled out the Alexander Hamilton for it,  but I had every intention of doing something great to jazz it up. But, being that I am impulsive, I hung it up in her immediately, and never got around to the jazz.

Then, 2 weeks ago, I was carousing the dollar bin area at Target, my favorite place of the happiest place on earth, when I came across a felt heart garland. I snatched it right up. I knew I could use it for the canopy, somehow, and since my daughter LOVES hearts, it was a no-brainer. Love those. 

Here is what the garland looked likeIMAG0737IMAG0734

here is my husband modeling the canopy…oh, how I love this man. He is such a trooper, really. As my mother would say, “anyone who can handle Ashley, deserves a medal.” I might somewhat agree. Anywho, back to the jazz. I simply cut the hearts individually…


I know this is incredibly complicated, but I took the picture, so I thought I might as well use it.

After I managed this task, I fired up the trusty dusty glue gun, because I am a no sewer (on my list of things to learn to do), and glued on the hearts in random spots… maybe a little too random. After only burning myself once, I am pleased with the final product. What matters most is that Doodle likes it (um sure), which she does. She says, “Now I have hearts everywhere!”

IMAG0757 IMAG0759

I would also like to note, I managed to get her to purge half of her abundant stuffed animal collection in the process. Double score!


To read more about my “Improving by Do-ing” series, click here. Enjoy!


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