Do ~ Rest

Well, my friends, it is taking all the strength I have to type this one. Last night after dinner, I came down with the ever-so-dreaded stomach flu. You know the one that you sit on the pot with a bucket on your lap and you become very thankful for ultra-soft Charmin? Glamorous, not. TMI, yes…that is how I roll. I have not successfully drank an entire glass of water, nor have I eaten anything. So, this brings me to improving by do-ing, nothing. Rest.

My dear friend offered to take Doodle for the morning, where they had a blast making vegan, gluten-free cupcakes while husband stayed home with the boy. I never left my bed, except to use the restroom. I did, however, just take a shower. I couldn’t handle my own smell… I can only imagine what my poor hubby and children were smelling.

I literally laid in bed, for the first time since having children and read a book. I am not sure what is more shocking. The fact that I haven’t laid in bed, or that I read a book. I finally finished the guilty pleasure, don’t want anyone to know you are reading, 50 shades of Grey. I think I will do a review once I finish the trilogy. The best was when my daughter came in and asked me to read it to her, but I told she wouldn’t be interested in it. She said, “oh, okay, well then I will read you a story from it.”  To view her telling me a short story, click here. It is really cute, she loves storytelling.

I am just thankful for great friends, and a terrific hubby so I can have a day of rest. It is important to do this from time to time, and I know, I need to do it more. Improving by doing, rest. What a concept.


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6 thoughts on “Do ~ Rest

  1. I’m finally caught up and saved the most recent for last… I was not pleased by this one, feel better Ash! Thank you for being so descriptive, it was like I was there with you 😉

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