Do ~ To-do’s

I love me a good to-do-list. Hubby laughs at the fact that I have to make a “pretty” list before I can actually get anything done. I know I am not alone here, right friends? There is just something magical about to-do-list, anyway. Much like post-it-notes and label makers, only two of the best inventions of all time! Are you with me? Okay, I will put the pom-poms downs for a second.

Anywho, I had searched Pinterest awhile back for organizational list and came across some pretty ones from Of course, it just wasn’t perfect. The boxes weren’t labeled 100% to my liking, and I didn’t like that it was meant for one day, I wanted one for the week. After some tweaking, this is what I came up with…



I realize it is a bit small, but don’t you worry my friends, below is the link to get it, so you can save it, and print it for your own “pretty” organizational use…

Blank-to do

You’re welcome!

I have already put it to good use. Hopefully, you will too 🙂


Improving by “Do-ing”, to-do’s! To read more about this get your $h!t together journey, click here



5 thoughts on “Do ~ To-do’s

  1. Hi – I haven’t heard back from you and notice the printable hadn’t been adjusted. I’m really hoping we can connect on this. I don’t want to escalate my concern to WordPress, but if I don’t hear from you it will be my only option. If you can get in touch in the next two days, I would really appreciate it. You can email me at slightlycosmoplitan at gmail dot com. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi, Heidi…sorry, I have been very busy with my 31-day challenge. I am sorry that I have offended you. I am really new to all of this, and I thought I was doing my part by crediting you, I didn’t realize the damage it would cause. I will change my post and link now to reflect your address. Sorry.

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