Do ~ Sell it


I mentioned in my intro to this 31-day “Improving by Do-ing” journey, that I wanted to find a way to make some money. Ultimately, I would love to be a freelance writer for a magazine, or local newspaper (how Carrie Bradshaw of me?) but I have NO idea how to even begin. If any of you (yes, you) have any tips, please send them my way. REALLY! Until then, I have found another way to make a little (emphasis on Little) extra “mommy money.”

During last years garage sale season, hubby and I had a BIG one, clearing out almost our entire wardrobes (if you don’t believe me, please come look at our closet). Since we have been married, we have both managed to change sizes quite a few times ( first pregnancy did a number on me, and him) with large variations. That being said, we purged all the “hell no I will never be that big again” clothes, and the “One could only dream to be that small again” clothes, and everything in between. Everything that didn’t sell, we decided to consign at a local consignment shop, All Things Right & Relevant. These were some very nice, designer clothes bought during a very different time. A time when we were kid-less, reckless with our money, and when I was Brandon’s personal shopper and the entire Nordstrom mens clothing staff knew me, and his sizes. The glory days. The denial days. The keeping up with the Joneses days. Now, thankfully, we are much more grounded, and practical about things, especially clothes. I have Davis, California to thank for that.

You can sell clothes, shoes, furniture, kids toys, you name it. The only catch is, you drop it off (only 10 items at a time) and you have no control over how they price the items – and if the items don’t sell in the time frame they allot, then they go to the thrift store next door where you do not receive a portion of the sale. It is a gamble, but it beats just donating them for free. The consignment and thrift shop supports mental health, so it is still charitable either way. So far, we have only dropped off those over-priced clothes. However, now, I intent to clean out the garage (demand hubby too) to look for more unused household items, and kids stuff we don’t use or need to consign. Why not, it will be a win, win. The garage is a DISASTER. I should take a picture just so you know how bad the garage really is, but I of all people, am too embarrassed, plus hubby would have a heart attack.

As of today, I have sold 12 clothing items, and received $36.75.  Again, this is not a lucrative business by any means, but it is better than a sharp stick in the eye, and it will come in handy for mom’s night out tomorrow. It will pay for my dinner and drinks, and that is a score! I definitely don’t get my drinks bought for me by the men at the bar anymore…hmm, maybe it is my darker hair?

Mommy money (a term I stole, adopted, from my friend Nicole ), will come in handy for my thrift store visits and the drinks I get to have with friends. Sounds fabulous. Improving my mental health already. I will drink to that!


 This is part of a 31-day journey…to read more, click here.


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