Do ~ C’est Magnet-fique

Oh, how I love me a witty title – and the French language. What I do not like, is fridge clutter. Be honest people, if you have small children, you probably have it. If your refrigerator has not become your childs own personal art gallery, than perhaps it is simply a magnetic free for all, and you spend more of your day putting back on the magnets that your beloved child has once again, intensely knocked to the floor. Now, I am all for this activity and watching my son have his way with the alphabet, but it is really getting in the way of my cooking and my sanity. Type-A, remember? I am already the most frazzled cook you have ever seen, so the last thing I need is more debris on the kitchen floor.

Awhile back, I solved the art gallery issue by making this magnificent cork board for my daughters one of kind masterpieces.


It hangs in my entryway and it has been amazing! It even housed our christmas cards this year (to see how I [and hubby] made this, click here). However, it did not solve the magnet clutter. So, I put my problem solving skills to the test, and come up with the idea to put a magnetic board in “the boy’s” room. That way, he can still have his fun, without making me insane. Genius!

I have seen many prototypes of these magnetic boards, most people use a cookie sheet, or an oil change drip pan, but I saw in Parents Magazine (clearly, the only mag I have been reading lately) that someone simply used roofing tin and screwed it into the wall. Hubby was already going to our local hvac company (Blakes) to pick up some gutters, so he said he would pick some roofing tin up for me there. Score. Twenty minutes later, he came home with 24’x18′ sheet of it.

The boy’s room, is kind of a work in progress, but I have always wanted it to have a vintage, modern, rustic, rugged vibe to it. I despise teddy bears and sports memorabilia, so I went as far away from that as I could. I did incorporate some retro-modern inspired animal fabric, and I intend to add some gen-u-ine deer antlers above his crib in the very near future (still working on the design) to add to the rustic, ruggedness I was originally going for. That being said, I want to keep the roofing tin in its raw form. No frills needed for this project.

After some filing of the edges (we want it rough, not sharp),


and some screws, here you have it…


The boy loves it already!

C’est magnet-fique, if I don’t say so myself! “Improving by do-ing.” What a concept!

To read more about this concept, click here.



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