Do ~ Behavior Modification

I have been talking about (in my head, and out-loud) for a while now that I wanted to start a behavior modification jar for Doodle. My sister-in-law told me about the concept. We have, in the past, used a chart to track and reward certain behaviors, but I found it tedious to manage. So much so, that it lasted about 3 weeks before it was moved out to the, h-e double hockey sticks hole, of a garage we have where it remains collecting dust.  This jar concept, seems totally do-able, and to make sure I would get tired of looking at it, I made dang sure it was a cute jar that would look lovely in her room (It even came from the Dollar Store).


What do you do with the jar, might you ask?


For kicks, I have decided to throw in a twist. If you look at the picture above, you can see a gold rock next to the jar. A treasure, straight from a pirates ship treasure chest, nonetheless – says, Doodle. The treasure will be the wild card. It can be the piece de resistance, if I may. The one that can be the one taken away for some über horrific behavior (i.e. thermal nuclear tantrum), or if no beads were removed that week and the gold one remains, then the reward can be greater (whatever you may choose). This twist might be a total bust, but I am willing to give it a shot. I always have to break the rules somehow.

“Improving by Do-ing”, behavior modification. I could write a whole chapter on the behaviors I need to correct, but we are not talking about mine today. By improving my daughters behavior, one bead at a time, my world shall improve too. What a concept!



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