Do ~ Value Add

As I mentioned in C’est Magnet-fique, ‘the boy’s’ room is a work in progress. I never had the time or money to finish his room to my standards, and it has been driving me even more bonkers than I already am. I remember being devastated that he didn’t have a neat ceiling light or a rug when he was born (something his sister had the luxury of). A dear friend brought me back to reality when she said, “he is not going to care!” Duh? It is my own issues, so I decided to back off his room for a while and just enjoy him. What a concept.

Well, as the days go on, and he is coming up on a year (wow, I can’t believe it), I have conjured up a few inexpensive room additions. Of course I added the magnetic board, I have a plan for the deer antlers but I am not quite ready for them, but then today, I was given an oval frame. My Pinterest mind was a turning, and then I remembered, I had another nifty frame in the garage just waiting for a new purpose. I was also given an entire box of acrylic paint, from my dad, just like the spray paint box he gave me some time ago. A match made in heaven…frames and paint.

I choose the colors I thought would work, grabbed a paint brush and began to paint.



Voila! I forgot to take a picture of the little orange one – it was a simple plywood frame that I got  at Michael’s for $1. The others, I got for free.

I really love the way they turned out, and I think they are a definite “value add” (love this term my brother-in-law taught me years ago) to the space. What do you think?



“Improving by Do-ing”, and on the cheap! Gotta love it…well, I hope, anyway.