Do ~ Change

I got a little change in my pocket goin’ jing-a-ling-a-ling…oh, how I love me some Georgia Satellites. Truly, my mom and I used to rock out to this song, sometimes while standing on top of a bar dancing. Clearly, she is where I get my charm from.

 Every time I hear the infamous change in a pocket jingle with each stride of husbands walk, I first think of this song, and then I cringe, because I know, it will eventually end up in my washing machine. I have started using various empty Costco parmesan cheese containers (hubby has a jar saving obsession) as change gatherers. However, they keep disappearing. Husband, or myself move them, so another gets started, and the cycle continues.

I saw this idea on Pinterest, to mount a mason jar onto a board, with a clever saying…this one says “ check your pockets” and is adorable! I told hubby about it, and asked him to bring me home a wooden board, a mason jar, and some hose clamp stuff (from his shop). As usual, he did the grunt work for me (he is a bit of a steamroller in the project arena – I am, in the conversation arena).

this is what he came up with
this is what he came up with

Though the board was much longer than I expected, he was really excited about it, especially the distressed wood, so I kept it, as is.

I learned a trick from my friend, Molly, to transfer printed letters onto anything, even wood.

I first created the letters I wanted on my board in MS Word…

I choose to go with a simple font and design, since this will be in the garage…

and then cut it down to size.

Then, with a pencil, you scribble on the back of the paper, covering all areas where there are letters

I did this technique on the whole paper
I did this technique on the whole paper

Once you have finished, you place the letters where you want them, and trace each letter on the wood

trace each letter
trace each letter

After each letter has been traced, remove the paper…

you can see the letters (faintly)
you can see the letters (faintly)

Voila! I must say, this technique is pretty darn nifty!

I then choose the acrylic paint color, “Bahama Blue” to finish the job.

I am embarrassed to say that I do not have any crafters paint brushes, so I found some old make-up brushes to use. They did do the job, but not well. I am going to say, it is good enough.


Hubby is going to be installing it in the garage when he gets home, meanwhile, I need to find all those old containers of change, and consolidate them.

“Improving by Do-ing”, change! Literally!


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