Do ~ Shit-ery

Since it is a shitty day, I figured it was the perfect day to work on my “shitery” tray. Most of you refer to this as a coffee table tray, but I prefer, shitery (an adopted term from my friend Molly). You can simply place all the shit from the day (i.e keys, remotes, magazines, etc) in it, and because it is in a cute tray, it makes it okay…even decoration. Love it.

Two or so weeks ago, I was at my trusty dusty thrift store, SPCA, and found the perfect tray. Sure, it was a little rough, and the wood was chipped in more places than one, but it had great lines, and with the price tag of ONE dollar, I snatched it right up!

Target months ago had a similar tray in gold, and I wanted it. However, it was $20 (on sale), which is way too much for me and my mommy budget.

After bringing mine home, I knew I wanted to do a metallic gold. I figured I would just head on down to ACE is the place (or call my dad), and pick up a can, but at $6 each, I realized free acrylic paint would do the trick.

My living room has some gold hews in the rug, chairs, pillows, and mirror, so I figured a gold tray would be the perfect pop to the room.


So, I began the painting process. Let me tell you, this one, was a process…

this is going to need lots of coates
I began to second guess my gold decision

After about four coats (a whole bottle of paint), and fears of an epic fail, it was finished.

I think it turned out dazzling!

You can see some brush strokes, but hubby thinks it adds to the charm. Me, and my need for perfection, are learning to cope.

Here it is in the space…

Lighting was not cooperating, but you get the picture.

I think it is exactly what our coffee table needed…and for $1, you can learn to love it!


For more on my improvements, click here.

3 thoughts on “Do ~ Shit-ery

  1. Shit-ery reminds me of eatery, except less food and more.. well.. Shit. Actually we try not to use that word. So in honor of the great Captain Kirk of Star Trek, when the baby boy fills his diaper with a really stinky one, we declare “Shatner”.

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