Do ~ Value Add 3.0

I am happy to report that the “value add” dilemma has been solved. I realize this is now my third post about the same thing, but I think this time, I FINALLY got it right. Thanks to my bestie, Lauren’s suggestion, the frames now frame “the boys” initials. It makes total sense -3 frames, 3-letter initials..duh?

Of course, I first had to go buy the two remaining initials (B for last name, G for middle, and I already had the H for his first). It was off to Michaels, again. This time, I used a Hobby Lobby coupon, and a Michaels coupon to save 40% on each letter (truth be told they were really cheap without a coupon to).

Next, I had to take down the H and patch the holes. Well, “doodle” and daddy did…

she is quite good with the spackle
she is quite good with the spackle

Then I had to decide on colors for the letters. I did not like the harshness of the white in his room, and I didn’t want it to look like a rainbow, so I opted for the same three colors, just jumbled.


So, then to prevent more hole damage to the wall, I used velcro to hang them…just in case you all say, you hate it.


Well..what do you think?

Love it?

Need a side by side comparison to decide?

You got it…

I am not really sure why I ever put the “H” in the oval frame in the first place. I will say, I wish the “B” was a half and inch larger, but I think it works. I LOVE it!

“Improving by Do-ing”, again, and again, and again?

You know the saying, “third time is a charm”…I might have to agree!


For more on my “Do-ing’s”, click here.

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