Do ~ Dumb

My day started off very productive. I finally folded AND put away the 5 loads of laundry that had been residing in my living room for the last few days. It is so easy to just let it pile up, and then it is too overwhelming to even begin. Tell me YOU have this problem too?

I even organized the garage, well part of it, anyway. Husband keeps his beer in the garage fridge, and has conveniently tied a bottle opener to the fridge door. However, every time he takes off a bottle cap, he just throws it on top of the dryer, which drives me absolutely insane. I saw this amazing idea on, yep, you guessed it, Pinterest, where a mom put magnets on plastic kid cups so they could help themselves to water.

photo from
photo from

So, I thought, why don’t I do this for his bottle caps? Genius right? Wrong. I don’t have a light (weight) enough cup for the magnetic force to stick. I refused to give up my idea…so instead, I nailed it to the wall next to the fridge. I even used one of my chalk labels to indicate its use.

 Problem solved. 

Well, until hubby got home and thought, what the heck, let’s just drill it into the refrigerator door. I love this man.

Oh, I did put a magnet on the opener though, so it doesn’t just dangle and smack against the door every time it gets opened. I have good ideas too, you know?


For those of you wondering – Yes, that is a target attached to our refrigerator. Not only isn’t unique garage and fridge art, it makes for a great conversation piece.

here is the bigger picture
Warning: No one was harmed in making this

Please note the “change” holder has been mounted too!

Afterall this greatness, I thought – geez, I really need a cleaning schedule check-list so I can be more efficient with my days, and not let everyday chores (like laundry) get back logged.

This is where I got dumb.

I spent 3 hours of my time searching for an ‘already done’ cleaning schedule that would fit MY household needs. All to realize, it doesn’t exist. I should have just moved on after hour one, but my perfection gene (and time saver brain) swore there has to be something ‘pretty’ and functional in existence.

Well, I found lots of schedules, many pretty, many functional, but they all were labeled in ways that didn’t make sense for me, and my cleaning needs.

So, I found one with some basics, and made it mine.


Now, I have spent even more time trying to get this image on this blog to where you can actually read it. Oye vey! Epic fail.

Anywho, feel free to click and save my household-chores-blank and edit it to YOUR household needs. All the available online schedules did not include a section for husband chores (which are vital people). Therefore, I included a “honey do” section, as well as an “outside”, “garage” and “projects” section – all of equal importance to the daily,weekly and monthly chores.

I am either going to put mine in a frame or laminate it so I can make washable check marks. However, I have wasted my day putting it together and my color printer isn’t working to boot.

I am not sure how do-ing dumb is helping me get my $h!t together, but at least I managed to be somewhat productive?


To read more about the smarter choices I have made…click here.


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