Do ~Lowered Expectations

Today, I woke up as if it were any other day. One of the children woke me, coffee was made, after I got the boy out of his crib and got him settled, I checked Facebook. I saw it was a friend of mines birthday, and realized, Oh, $h!t -than it must be the boy’s birthday too? Not my proudest mommy moment – forgetting my own childs birthday. His first, nonetheless.

After I drowned my sarrows in my hazelnut coffee, called my sister and mom to tell them how much of an ass I was, I texted one of my dear friends. She gave me her words of wisdom, “it is not a big deal…you didn’t really forget, it just snuck up on you. Life is so busy with two-and other commitments.” My reply, “thanks…I needed that.”

Really, I did.

We are having a small, immediate family only, gathering for his birthday on Saturday, so in my mind, his birthday was 2 days away. Sadly, I haven’t been overjoyed about his up coming birthday to begin with. To me, a first birthday is adults drinking booze (those days are numbered without looking neglectful), and the child digging into his very own, adorably decorated, birthday cake.

If you have been reading my blog(s), my family one too ,you know that “the boy” simply can’t eat a traditional birthday cake. He has Food Protein-Induced Entercolitus Syndrome (FPIES), which is a type of  food allergy that affects his gastrointestinal tract (GI). Basically, it means he can’t tolerate many foods, and we have to trial each food for 3 weeks at a time, making it very difficult to add new foods to his diet. He currently has 4 safe foods (millet, pears, mango and spinach), and we are trialing coconut (day 3) now, in hopes of opening many doors (oil, milk, etc..).

All that being said, it has really put a damper on my party spirits…hence the small party versus the near 100 person shindig we put on for my daughters first.

However, I have come to realize over this last year that you have to change your expectations to fit your current life. A year ago, a delicious meal for me was not a fried egg on a piece of gluten-free bread, but it is now. In fact, breakfast is my FAVORITE meal of the day. Shocking – since I never even used to eat it (breakfast). Or a special treat being a “vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.” How about going a whole day without having to yell at my daughter, as being a “wonderful” day. Lowered expectations, people.

My morning just reminded me of that.

So, instead of moping the rest of the day, I enjoyed my time with kiddos.

I even got to watch, and record, the boy playing the flute – watch here!. He really does love all things music, and is just so adorable (I realize he is mine, but REALLY)!

Afterwards, we went to the park with Doodles preschool friends…(until we were rained out, and it was lunch time)

here they are having a chat and a snack
here they are having a chat and a snack

After lunch, my dad came by to drop off some stuff (yep, more acrylic paint) and got to play with the kiddos.

fun times with G-pa
fun times with G-pa

Late in the afternoon, we went to Trader Joes to pick up a few things I needed…one thing being, some coconut flakes for the boys modified cake. Again, changing my expectations.

I simply took some of his usual, everyday millet, and poured some mango/pear sauce over it and sprinkled it with coconut flakes, and topped it off with a star candle.

Happy Birthday, bigboy!
Happy Birthday, bigboy!

He loved it just the same! To watch him devour it, click here

I found this quote, which pretty much summed up my day (so I made a button out of it)…

words to live by
words to live by

Changing your expectations, one day at time.

I know I am.



7 thoughts on “Do ~Lowered Expectations

  1. Now that you plugged it, you’re obligated to post to your family blog! Or not. The Walls boy was wondering where the invite was for the party, but now after reading this it’s all become clear!

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