Do ~ Cinderella

Picture this, a beautiful, young maiden (me), in pink polka dot pajama pants, a sports bra, tank top, no make-up, and a tattered  bun, on my hands and knees with a rag and a mop bucket. Her husband and daughter informing this young maiden, “Cinderella,” that they will be leaving for the ball, but that I (Cinderella) was to stay and clean. Which I did, ALL day.

I can honestly say, that I cleaned (non-stop) from 8 am – 4:28 pm. Seriously…I am not indulging in hyperbole. As I said in yesterday’s, lowered expectations post, we are having a small family gathering for “the boys” birthday tomorrow. Like any good host, I like to dazzle with a sparkling clean home.

My family members are ALL very particular about areas of homes that should be spotless. For my mom, it’s the microwave, refrigerator and cobb webs. My sister, countertops and baseboards, and my grandmother, well, windows. Because “we aim to please” (a favorite banter of mine among Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele), hubby and I, made sure we cleaned these critical areas in addition to the “normal” cleaning routine.

When hubby wasn’t helping, by washing windows

he was occupying the children for me

The boy lending a hand...
The boy lending a hand…

and my mother-in-law took Doodle for the afternoon, so I could finish up my Cinderella duties, while hubby ran errands.

You’ll forgive me for not posting something a bit more exciting. I just figured I would remind all of you, to get your “deep cleaning, aka “spring cleaning” done.

It is not a glamorous job, but someone has to do it. – even, Cinderella!

Now, I am logging off to paint my nails, and to finish making “the boys” millet cake…this time, I am using Coconut Manna in it. Let me tell you, it smells DELICIOUS!


For more on my home (and self) improvements, click here.


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