Do ~ Good ‘ol Fashion Fun

Yesterday was “the boy’s” birthday party, and it was a huge success. It was the perfect amount of people, the perfect weather, the food was delicious and the margaritas were just strong enough. This time around, I choose to keep everything simple.

Simple decorations,

IMAG1015 IMAG1017

we had the food catered,

we had the margaritas pre-made before the guest arrived, and the kids just got to run a mock.

2 IMAG1031 IMAG1032 IMAG1047 IMAG1051 IMAG1052

After we ate, we played in the court for hours, riding bikes, driving the Barbie car, laughing, chasing the kids, and enjoying adult beverages all the while. Here is a video of some of the outdoor fun!

mom, me, sister and brother-in-law
mom, me, sister and brother-in-law
my sis and mom

It was truly, the perfect party. Though it was a lunch party, most stayed through dinner, which we had plenty of leftover Mexican food.

G-pa, the boy, tante Wally, and cousin Tyler
here he is riding his new fire truck (he got two of them)
with uncle Brad jamming
let him eat cake

Best of all, the kids had a blast….especially, the boy (when he wasn’t napping).IMAG1024

    The night ended with a sleepover with my sister and her daughter, and us going through our old cheerleading uniforms and my sisters old ice skating costumes. My dad is clearing out the contents of our old closets, so he gave them all to us to decide what we wanted to keep and/or sell, or give away.


We were hysterically laughing at the size of our uniforms…I couldn’t believe how small our waists used to be, and that my dad saved every single one of them.  Sadly, I could not fit in any of mine…but my freakishly lucky biotch of a sister, managed to squeeze in her senior year highschool (CHPS) and her 8th grade pop Warner uniforms (Pleasant Hill Rebels).

After rummaging through them all, we decided we had to keep them. Not sure if it is just the memories, or the costume for our kids factor, or my sister looking to have a good time (hehe), but we are keeping them all (8 years of cheer).

She is probably going to kill me for posting these ones, but I can’t resist. Here she is my mom’s old jazzercise costume, and in one of her ice skating dresses

too hot to trot, skate and doodle in our old unitard
my mom’s too hot to trot dance ensemble ,sisters skate costume and doodle in our old unitard

Classic. I would again like to point out that my sister has a rocking body to fit in things she wore over 20 years ago!

Now, our daughters will have a chance to wear them too. Love it!

It was so great to just have some good ‘ol fashion fun with the people I love the most! Thanks to everyone who made yesterday so special!



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