Do ~ Calendar(s)

By golly, I think I’ve got it!  Hubby and I are always complaining about the calendaring issue we have. Our refrigerator calendar, which is our main source of knowing what the heck we are supposed to be doing, and when, is only a one month calendar view. If that isn’t annoying enough, we also have a difficult time keeping track of who is supposed to be doing what, in the square alloted.

 The problem is, 2 separate calendars simply will not fit ( in the most logical spot) on top of one another.

Our current front of the fridge view

We also have a seperate calendar dry erase board that I created, for meal planning. I bought the set at Office Max for $15 with the intention of using the blank one (meals) for notes and such.

this is on the side of the fridge
this is on the side of the fridge

I went to Target today (the happiest place on Earth) to see if I could rectify the problem. I was hoping to find something, anything, that I could add to what we already have ( I am too cheap to replace everything).

This is what I found…


 It is a monthly organizer board that allows for 5 weeks (AWESOME -I hate sharing squares) of individual calendaring (line for each family member) AND a spot for meals. An all-in-one board…who knew?

The best part, other than it matching my grey motif, is that it was only $7! What a country!

Ain't she a beaut?
Ain’t she a beaut?

Now, there are super special lines for me, hubby, doodle, the boy (surely he will have a life someday), and one for all (one big happy family events). The meal line is on the bottom (under All).

It is pretty awesome to be able to see what each person is doing, each day, and what we are eating.


I realize it did not solve the problem of only seeing one month at a time. Since I like to re-purpose what I already have, I turned our other one, into next months, and used the blank one, for notes (it’s original intended purpose).
To be honest, I really want to drive back to Target, and buy another all-in-one, and ditch this one all together. I will let hubby decide when he gets home. It’s good to make him think he actually has a say in the decisions around here.

Oh! I will leave you with a picture of our kitchen window bomber…


He freaks me and hubby out every time we look over and see him, but it also makes us laugh. We have decided not to move him for that reason. I am not even sure, how Elmo got there in the first place…but it has my dad written all over it.

La la la…
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