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Today, I was thinking about ways to expand my “Magazine Mom” parameters. When first starting this blog, my aunt Debbie was thrilled by its title. She loves how magazines are layed out… small articles that are easy to manage reading, the various topics, etc. Honestly, I hadn’t even considered that when coming up with it, but it makes a lot of sense.

What I do know, is that I LOVE informing. Informing people of products worth buying, informing people of things I learn at my parent classes and my own mommy journey, informing people of crafts I do, thrift store finds, and ways to better organize your life. This is why I felt I was blog worthy.

Then I realized, I have never asked YOU what YOU would like to be informed about? A few of my loyal followers (you know who you are) have suggested I offer my readers opinions, and it just seems like the perfect time to do so.

So, what would you like read about?

  When thinking about asking you all what you would like to read to about. It sparked my curiosity as to what is it that I like to read about.

I look at magazines for pictures, gossip, recipes, interesting articles, product reviews, organization tips and inspiration. I am sure there are many other reasons why I read them, but this is what first came to mind.

Then I remembered that I have been wanting to inform you all of a recent product that  is new, and fabulous! 

I would like to first point out that I love me some MAC makeup, Benefit, and other department store brands. However, I also love good products available in drug stores (well, I buy them at Target) that don’t break the bank, but do an equally fantastic job at making me feel/look, beautiful.

Easy, breezy, beautiful….COVERGIRL!


Clearly, I make no money on the deal…just me, informing you a fabulous product. It is Clump Cluster by LashBlast mascara. I have been a long time user of COVERGIRL LashExact, but I am always willing to try a new CG mascara when they launch. My Target at Clump Crusher on sale for $6.99, so I snatched it up. Really – it is incredible. Obviously, because I felt strongly enough about it to put it in the blogosphere. I am curious if any of you have tried it. If you haven’t, you should. It is amaze balls!

So, I will leave with this product review, and a reminder for you to review what it is you would like read about from me, Magazine Mom.

Any advice would be appreciated. Afterall, I am improving, by asking you!



To read more about me improving, click here.


One thought on “Do ~ Ask you

  1. I like to know about all kinds of things, but probably least of all: Mascara

    This one is probably better answered by the ladies…

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