Do ~ Wake and Bake

Sorry to disappoint all you pot-heads out there, but this is not a post about me hitting the bong. Instead, it is about me improving my demeanor by napping, and baking cupcakes with my family ( I simply can’t pass up a opportunity for a witty title).

Why did my demeanor need improving, you might ask? Well, hubby and I stayed up past midnight (how dare we) watching Homeland, season 1, and I was exhausted. Not that we finished it, but I intend to tonight. My friend, Anna, lent the DVD  to my friend Sara, who then lent it to me. Hubby and I started watching it during the free Comcast Showtime On Demand special they had a few weeks back. I was devastated when it stopped and we were only 5 episodes in. Anywho, it is an incredible show. If you haven’t watched it, you should, asap! Hopefully I can do so, at a more reasonable hour this evening.

Two things (I am sure there are many more) do not make me pleasant person to be around. One, me being hungry (which is all the time now with my limited diet) and two, me being tired. Put the two together (like today), forget about it!

After being one of the working mommies at Doodles school today (where I quite possibly ruined my new coat), I came home to a disastrous home. Nothing infuriates me more (well, that’s debatable). Hubby stayed home to watch the boy, since my mother-in-law was sick, and before I left I informed him of his “chores.” When I returned home 4.5 hours later, only 1 of the 4 things I asked was completed.

So, after letting him know how I felt, I ate some food, and took a nap. This is not a regular occurrence, at all. In fact, it is rare for me to nap…but it was fantastic. I woke up refreshed, and my anger had subsided.

Speaking of anger (sorry for the caveat)…I have a fantastic quote
PicMonkey Collage1
More on this in a minute…

Once my eyes had fully adjusted from my deep slumber, Doodle read me one of her made up stories (seriously,adorable) and told me she would like to bake strawberry cupcakes with me and daddy. How can you refuse that? So, while hubby and doodle went to the market to get the stuff to make them, I cooked dinner.

When they came home, we got to work, and Elle (doodle) did most of the work. I will say it is very hard for hubby to let go of the kitchen reins…I have to constantly remind him that she can do things by herself, even if it means it is messy or not exactly how he pictured it. Lowered expectations…remember?

I'm a big girl now!
I’m a big girl now!

It ended up being a delightful afternoon. I have my hour-long nap to thank for that.

As for the anger quote… it is some pretty heavy $h!t. Anger displacement is a common problem in my household (mainly my problem). Anger management is something I have struggled with my whole life (I even took classes for it when I was fresh out of highschool). I can see my daughter will probably struggle with it  too. Clearly, we are not alone. I have to remind myself to really look at what exactly it is that I am really angry at. Can I control it? Is it logical? Who am I really mad at? Today, I can say, I was angry at hubby…but the hunger and tiredness didn’t help matters.

Improving by do-ing things to better ourselves, and our children… and our anger!




4 thoughts on “Do ~ Wake and Bake

  1. When I read the title, I thought “cool” but then it’s like, “wow she’s talking about napping and cupcakes”. But YES sleep is such a big thing, I know exactly what you mean! Not about the anger but more like, without sleep everything kinda sucks and with sleep that same stuff that sucked is fun and cool.

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