Hearts a Glow

Making valentines cards for my daughters school seemed extra special this year. Partly because I would be a “working parent” the day they will be distributed, but mainly because she can write her own name (by no means perfectly, but adorably).

When coming up with a theme (lord knows, I love me a good theme), I was trying to stay clear of candy, not because of the sugar, but because we can’t bring anything into school that was made in a facility that produces peanuts and tree nuts (good luck trying to find suitable candy with these parameters….you would be surprised). But then… I had an idea!

Lately my kiddos have been enjoying glow baths with glow sticks and the lights out. Of course I first heard about the idea on, drum roll….Pinterest. I thought to myself, Genius! When visiting the happiest place on earth (Target), I noticed that they had a 15 pack of glow sticks for $1, so I snatched up 4 packs (you never know when you might need them). Now, we can have glow baths whenever they want. They LOVE it…even my little guy!

of course they become chew toys
of course they become chew toys

Then I thought….this would be a perfect Valentine  and I could even use some adorably cheesy phrase like “You make my heart glow” or “I glow when I am around you.” Done, and done!

I first went to Pinterest for some inspiration and to hopefully find some printable hearts to use as the card for my ingenious idea.  I was actually a little annoyed to discover that many other incredibly clever moms, had the same idea. Oh, well…Good news, I found the perfect shaped heart printable I could use (thanks to The Graphics Fairy).

I just used some construction paper and cardstock paper I already had. Cut them down to 8 1/2 x 11 size to fit in the printer, and…

blue for the boys in her class
blue for the boys in her class


After writing “You make my heart glow!” on all the hearts, I cut them all out, and had doodle sign them…

hard at work
hard at work

This took three days of “signing” because the task was “exhausting” after completing 6 of the 32 needed. Oh, to be a kid again. I shudder to think of such a daunting task.

Once they were all “autographed” and “stickered” (she put a sticker for each “friends” personality on the back, sadly, she doesn’t know that they will just be randomly distributed), I then hole punched two holes on either side of the heart and put the glow stick through…

and there you have it… simple and sweet, without the added sugar!

Happy Valentines Day Y’all!


6 thoughts on “Hearts a Glow

  1. Super cute idea. Just helped the boys do their valentines for the past 2 days. 50 cards total, and all the teachers gifts, for both schools. im maxed out. Just think Teacher Appreciation day is just around the corner. LOL! It never ends.

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