When life gives you lemons

When life gives you lemons, or in my case, when hubby hangs over a neighbors fence to steal you lemons… do the unexpected.

For me, this meant to use the lemons to decorate, for hubby, it meant to bake.

Either way, it got me thinking.

I like the unexpected when it comes to decor, but when it comes to every other aspect of my life, not so much. I am not really a roll with the punches kind-of-gal, but lately I have been experimenting more with the idea.

Recently my daughters video monitor stopped displaying video feed, and instead of going out and buying the 4th replacement, as expected, I just decided to do without one. This is HUGE. For those of you who know me well, and have read my “31 Days: Confessions of a Magazine Mom,” you know I am neurotic to the point of intervention when it comes to sleep surveillance (well, many things really). I actually thought I would keep the monitor on my daughter until she left for college (ahem). Luckily, I still have a shot at it for my son. His monitor, is still working.

In all honesty, I am trying. Trying to be more relaxed, less serious (this is a hard one), see the good in an otherwise bad situation, take chances, use my skills in ways that make me happy, and what I need to do most, stop being so bitter! Lemons will do that to a girl, and having two (ungrateful if you will) children, with little-to-no breaks from reality, will too.

Improving by Do-ing“, was a great start, but with any great challenge, there are set backs. These lemons reminded me of mine, and of my willingness to try new things, and embrace what I have been given.

I hope, they can do the same for you!



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