Shower her

Apparently, I should be a professional baby shower thrower.  I secretly (I guess not so secretly) would love to be a party planner. I feel like it is just in my blood, my nature, my calling if you will.  Fortunately, I have lots of besties that I have had the opportunity to plan (co-plan) many of parties for, but this one, is my piece de resistance!

My dear friend Molly, received a little big surprise, when she found out at 27 weeks that she was pregnant. Yes, you read right. Sneaky baby girl went undetected for six months before giving her momma a sign that she was there. Molly, was not trying, and in fact vowed to be a 3 person family (having one daughter already). She jokes that she (baby Madison) is going to make her debut holding the “pill” in her hand. Funny.

When I received the call from Molly to let me in on her little big secret, and after the shock and awe, had somewhat went away, I immediately blurted out, “I am throwing your shower!”
You see, Molly and I are like two peas in a pod when it comes to creativity…we just kind of complete one another.  I am like the Stewart to her Martha. It is she who I consult design decisions, and who I call to sew my children’s clothes, bedding etc. She is crafty as can be, and she has unleashed my inner craftiness and I am so glad that she did!

That being said, I knew what the theme of the shower would be before I hung up the phone. It had to be “secret garden.”

Secret baby, secret beautifully done shabby-chic garden shower. Brilliant.

Molly mentioned birds as a possible nursery theme, and I knew I could add the bird idea to my already ingenious plan.

With the help of two other dear friends of Molly’s, Jami and Liz, we came up with a soft, feminine, whimsical, vintage-esque shower, beautifully executed.

All guests received a variation on this invitation (with out the ****’s, of course)

The invitation
The invitation

If you can’t tell, I hand crafted these myself (with a little help) which I had a ton of fun doing.

Once the invites were out, the real planning began, and with a wonderful collaboration of ideas and personalities, this is what we came up with…

DSC_0082 (2)
the dessert table
DSC_0084 (2)
the gorgeous white chocolate truffle cake by Liz


DSC_0083 (2)
French macaroons by Liz

DSC_0094 (2)

There was elegant touches from all angles of the house, including the birds on a wire I put behind my antique flea market window…remember this?

DSC_0091 (2)1

the banner that hung over the food table
DSC_0133 (2)

DSC_0134 (2)

and the refrigerator even has a little something special…quite cleverly done if I don’t say so myself.

DSC_0139 (2)

The backyard was just breath taking…so much so, that I didn’t even get a picture of it in all it’s glory. I am hoping someone did, or else no one will believe how beautiful it really was.

DSC_0102 (2)
a view of two of the three tables
DSC_0109 (2)
the third table
note the adorable fence art that I picked up at my local thrift store and spray painted pink
note the adorable fence art that I picked up at my local thrift store and spray painted pink
DSC_0099 (2)
the sitting nook
DSC_0105 (2)
the new, incredible table my hubby made
DSC_0107 (2)
the precious details

Remember those up-cycled baby jars from the last shower I organized for Molly? Just look at the beautiful vintage tea-pot as the centerpiece.

DSC_0111 (2)Along the back fence hung this banner, with another one of my antique flea market finds, displaying Molly’s due date. Adorbs, right?

Now, no party can be complete, without a well stocked bar. In this case, a “bubbly bar!” Champagne and a variety of juices. Perfect for a brunch shower, or any other party for that matter.

DSC_0112 (2) DSC_0114 (2)

The guests were all given mason jars with their name on the tag which also doubled as their assigned seating arrangement.

DSC_0116 (2)Molly, also had a beautiful turquoise chair to set her apart from the rest…as if the belly doesn’t already (he he).

DSC_0123 (2)
to help out the mommy-to-be, we had the guest fill out a self-addressed envelope

I think everyone had a great time…

DSC_0122 (2)
Molly’s mom with Liz, the other hostess with the mostess!
DSC_0125 (2)
mommy group

2013062295102010-1 (2)

DSC_0160 (2)
heck, even I managed to have a great time!
DSC_0189 (2)
both expecting 🙂

DSC_0130 (2) DSC_0119 (2) DSC_0120 (2) DSC_0095 (2) DSC_0185 (2) DSC_0191 (2) DSC_0199 (2)

After we eat and played a nursery rhyme guessing game,

DSC_0186 (2)

we went inside for cake, cookies, and presents.
DSC_0194 (2)

After we brought them all inside, of course.
DSC_0200 (2)

After all the adorable gifts were opened, the guests as their gifts, were asked to please take home a jar of homemade strawberry jam (courtesy of my dad, the great!)…

DSC_0103 (2)1
the garden display

DSC_0196 (2)

It was truly the perfect day. If there ever is such a thing.

preschool crew
preschool crew
DSC_0173 (2)
The hostesses with Molly
DSC_0159 (2)
belly love

DSC_0145 (2) DSC_0155 (2)

I felt like Martha would not only be proud, she might even be jealous!

We love you!
We love you!

I can’t wait to meet you, Madison!


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