There is always someone else who has got it worse.

Hi, remember me? I know it has been some time since I graced you with my words of wisdom, but today, is your lucky day. Well, actually it is mine.

As many of you know, the library has never been a fantastic place for me to take my daughter. If you recall in an earlier post, I talk about the meltdowns, and the judging eyes and feeling alone (especially pertaining to the library moms). Well today at the library, I realized some people (aka moms) have it even worse off then me.

Funny thing, I wasn’t even there with my daughter. She is actually at the movie theater, for the first time ever, with her Omi and Papa and cousins watching Disney’s Planes. Instead, I thought I would take ‘the boy’ to the library for some peace and quiet (ahem).

Harlan is, what I would call, an adorable, enthusiastic, closest thing to a cave man- boy, who is also a runner. If you have one yourself, you know what I am talking about. If you are one of the lucky ones whom don’t, you’ve seen them. They are usually the kids on the leash. My son has not been leashed by me, yet. His dad on the other hand, tried it out on him at the beach on our vacation last week. He made one out of seaweed, in hopes to keep his ocean wave enthusiasm to a minimum. For safety reasons, of course.

I'm with you kid, wtf?
I’m with you kid, wtf?

Just two weeks ago, he got his hand stuck in the automatic sliding doors while trying to run when I was checking out books and dvd’s for the car ride to our vacation. Oye, vey.

Anywho, back to today.

When I arrived at the library, I have never seen so many kids. Wild ones. I mean, REALLY wild. One little boy (whom was being watched by his older, but still way to little, sister) was catapulting himself off the table, among other things.

I don’t abandon my children at the library. One for the win column.

One little boy, was walking around hitting anything an everything that was even remotely in his way (my son included). I have never heard so many, “stop hitting” remarks in my life. He would also throw every book off the tables as he walked by them.

I don’t have it as bad as his mom. Score.

That same boy and an, oh-so-rowdy little girl, got into a brawl under a table where some docile kids were sitting.

It wasn’t mine. Check.

It was seriously a circus, that I was so happy to be a spectator of, and not, part of the show.

I just smiled with my eyes, and was reminded, that there is someone else out there that has it worse than me.

That my friends, brings me such joy.


5 thoughts on “There is always someone else who has got it worse.

  1. Love it! I cannot tell you the number of times I return home from a large gathering or event with many children and just feel soooo glad that I have the kids that I have…and, based on your description, my kids are in the same category as your son! Makes me feel like we may not have it all together, but we certainly have some things going for us. Win for you today! 🙂 PS…glad you are back to the writing 🙂

  2. I was just talking about leashing children recently. As a non-parent, obviously I am out of the loop on runners. Ha! Either way, happy to hear hanging around the “circus” for a bit was enlightening.

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