You know you have a (toddler) boy when…

you go to sleep with miniature cars under your pillow

the first thing you see in the morning is a boner while changing his diaper (of course you probably wake to your husbands too)

speech is albeit null, expect he still finds a way to talk about poop. In my case, he signs it while doing it in squatting position.

bumps, bruises, and blood are a daily occurrence

the best day ever, is garbage day

hearing grunting sounds every time a tractor, truck or trailer passes by (this one I don’ think ever goes away)

every surface in your house is a potential climbing structure

he points at and asks “what’s that” to anything and everything while driving (my husband still does this)

Thomas the Train playing on T.V. is the only way you can shower alone (it usually buys me 3.5 minutes of solitude)

a lawn mower, leaf blower, broom and mop, are about the most fascinating thing since your boobs have left the picture

every passing by person tells you “wow, he is busy” (aka, sucks for you)

books become biscuits, not reading materials (unless it is a book about anything that has tires)

even at a young age, he opens the door for you. Who says chivalry is dead?

he still loves a good high heeled shoe like the rest of us

IMAG2107 (2)

and a mommy’s love is sometimes all he needs


I am sure I am missing a million things, but you get the idea.

Boys are just SO different from girls.

At least in my house.

So much so, it got me out of my blog desiccation.

Thank goodness for that…

and thanks for reading.

Magazine Mom


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