Day 3: behind the black door ~ “lord, the house looks like a rummage sale…”

yes”…I  love me some Credence Clearwater Revival, and, yes, rummage sales.

My day started off as any other. Did morning routine, and got kiddo to school (on time I might add).

My daughter goes to a parent Co-op preschool (DPNS), and the party planner/ OCD/ type-A person in me, signed up to be on the preschool board as this years auction co-chair (the other “co” being my dear friend, Molly) and support in general fundraising.

This Saturday, our school is having it’s annual bazaar/rummage sale (I prefer rummage) and being we are a ‘co-operative’ school, we all required to partake in a job (i.e. sorting prior to, signs, day of working the sale, etc.).

Being the eager beaver, team player, avid rummage ‘saler’ that I am, I have signed myself up for every shift on Friday.

Now, the fact that I get to see all the donations come in, and get first dibs, might play a part in my overzealousness, but nonetheless, I am doing my do diligence.

So, you can imagine my utter despair when I noticed today yesterday that there were still 12 time slots, and various tasks that needed to be filled.

One being signage!

Any garage ‘saler” knows that signage is the key to success.

I immediately called my cohort, Molly, to meet me at the Dollar store (apparently my new favorite place) and decided WE would make the signs.

After buying the supplies, and other things, we later reconvened outside our daughters school on the lawn, for a picnic and emergency signage project.

It was quite lovely. Other moms joined in to lend their support, the kids played, and spilt stuff all over me, and the signs

20131002_122405 (2)

and my daughter even threw her stuffed cat in the air, and got it stuck in the tree.

IMAG2327 (2)
It was quite comical.

Some of the moms and kids tried to get it down
IMAG2328 (2)1
and eventually they did, with a broom.

IMAG2330 (2)1
she was one happy girl

IMAG2331 (2)

meanwhile, back at the crafting front..

we realized time was running out, so we divided the supplies up and decided to bring the stuff home and finish it after the kiddos went to sleep.

I wasn’t off to a good start, as you can see in the lower left corner
would you believe that I turned it over and re-used the back, got completely finished, and realized I had spelt a word wrong again!

This time, I spelled “children’s”, ‘childerns’.

I used to be such a good speller too…what a waste.

I would also like to point out, that I have never been known for my nice hand-writing, but despite that, they ended up turning out quite nicely.

Or as hubby says, “hip and vibrant”.

I think I will have to agree.
IMAG2338 (2)1
Now, I have to put them up all around town.

I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to Friday.


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