Day 4: behind the black door ~ Artsy Fartsy

As I sit here typing in one of my daughter’s tutu’s,


I am reminded that in this house, we are all a little artsy fartsy. Mostly, artsy, often farsty (especially when it is a gluten or dairy night).

and no, I am not normally blogging in a tutu.  Elle and I just finished a ballerina dance session, that she spent 30 minutes preparing for, when the actual session, only lasted about 3.


Isn’t that always the case (ahem).

Elle is incredibly artistic, and would spend her merry life, singing, song writing, coloring, making junk art, painting, and choosing “fashy” outfits to wear.

Just today, we brought this self-portrait masterpiece home from school,
IMAG2326 (2)
and WE decided that it would look great on her bedroom door.
I actually kind of like it.

She has actually requested {several times} that half of her bedroom, be turned into an art gallery (of her own art, of course). If she brings home anymore junk art, I just might have to.

The boy, I am not quite sure about yet.

Here is first ever drawing that he did by himself just a few days ago

IMAG2372 (2)1
Sissy thinks he is “amazing” and she can’t believe he did it all by himself.

and he is a fan of Michaels, so maybe there is hope, yet.

Btw, bringing something for your child to push around while you shop, has to be the best thing I have ever learned {this week}… Thanks, Molly.

Hubby is an artist in his own right too. He is an amazing cabinetry and wine cellar designer and builder, craftsmen, you name it. He can do it, and well. Sometimes it is even vexing. Vexing is his favorite fancy word btw, so I thought it would be appropriate to use.

Now, me. I guess I have learned to be artsy and less fartsy over the last few years. My besties can attest to that.

What goes better with art, than wine?
Drinking wine and having to put it down on top of the trash can (that you haven’t brought in), to help your daughter fly her ‘thrifted’ Barbie kite, in the biggest wind storm our town has seen in months.

My fabulous day ended with a “pop-in” from my dear friend, Nicole.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Oh, as for the wine,

I HIGHLY recommend it. Not only always, but this particular kind.

Tribunal, is the name. I got it at Trader Joe’s for $9.99 after trying it a few months ago.

For those of you know me, know I only drink white wine, and champagne. That’s how good this is. It brought me to the dark side.

Maybe you will join me there too.

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