Day 5: behind (in front of) the black door ~ Bag o’ sh!t

These last few days have been a whirlwind preparing for the preschool rummage sale. I am so exhausted, my feet even hurt. I can’t even tell you the last time my feet hurt, without having worn the high-heels that I had no business wearing in the first place.

How old am, I? And where is that incredibly hip, and trendy, beauty takes pain girl, at anyway? Oh, yes, she became a mom.

Anywho, in a frantic state, Molly and I decided we needed more signs,

signs -take 2
signs -take 2

So we spent the entire afternoon, making them.

Then I needed to finish gathering up all the sh!t {awesome kid stuff} we were getting rid of, donating, in order to be there on time, for drop-off and my first of 3 working shifts.

When I took a second to look at my house, it was in utter disarray. Both inside, and out. It seriously looked like the dump (complete with a garden hose on the roof). The lawn hasn’t been mowed, the bushes need pruning, etc, etc.


I seriously found, on my porch, a bag of the boy’s sh!t (actual feces) from two days prior. I forgot it was there. I actually thought it was one of the many donation bags (same white trash bag), and was about to load it in the trunk of my car. Boy, that would have been embarrassing. That is how crazy these last few days have been. Who doesn’t notice a bag of horribly smelling feces on their porch? Me.

We ended up getting rid of, an entire trunk and truck bed full of stuff.

Then I helped out on Friday night, for drop-off, organization and pricing of the donated items. This is NO joke, either. It was crazy, and by the end of it, I was dizzy and seeing nothing but a blur.

Here is what I was looking at…I realize it is not very clear, but either was my vision at this point.
It was pretty incredible.

It was even more incredible to see, and be a part of selling it this morning. People were walking away very happy, which makes me happy. Well, except for the things I didn’t see the night before that I would have bought myself. Then I became bitter, and wished harm for those buying them (only kidding). Ahem.

I did score some amazing things this year!

Hubby made it very clear I was not to bring home large items. I understood.

So, I got LOTS of leggings for the girl, dresses, pj’s, rain coat, pink sparkly boots (not UGGS), but I did get her a Marc Jacobs swim suit for $1. Who knew? Given I don’t shop in high falutin stores, I didn’t.

I got a brand (NWT) sweatshirt and shirt for the boy, a felt-board set, a garden set, and some other great toys, trucks, and books.

I am not sure our school’s total yet, but I am hoping we raised a lot! At least as good as last year. We have an image to uphold.

After all of this, I packed up the hubby and family and headed to the bay-area (Dublin) for my nephew Tyler’s 7th birthday party. Happy Birthday, Tyler!

Enjoying the water at his birthday!
Enjoying the water at his birthday!

It was a great day.

Except for having to listen to the Thomas The Train CD on repeat for both the ride there and back.

Again, where is that hip and trendy girl again, who always knew all the latest and greatest pop songs on the radio?

Oh, yes, she became a mom. A co-operative one at that.

Gotta love it.

a very tired, Magazine Mom

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