Day 8: behind the black door ~ ghosts

Okay, there are no ghosts living behind the black door, but there is one living on the black door.

A few days ago, while at, none other than, the Dollar Store, I found a Halloween door mat. I have never really decorated for Halloween before, other than my last years spider web door craft, but I let it be the inspiration for me to actually decorate this year. Maybe this year we may actually get a trick-or-treater. Fingers-crossed.

IMAG2422 (2)

I ended up picking the one with ghosts on it, because it was the least scary. Though Elle is into Halloween, she not so much into the scary parts of Halloween.

I have always wanted to do something on the door, that was a little different, and something I could make… so these ghosts inspired me to make a ghost of my own, for the door.

The Dollar Store had the perfect material to do it – a roll of white wrapping paper, super sized. Super.
IMAG2406Then I found a ghost shape on the ‘information super highway’, ( for you layman’s, the internet), and let Elle choose. Can you believe she said she wanted a scary one. Go figure.  So, we settled on the one above.

All I had to do was lay out the paper, and draw the ghost shape using the picture as my muse, and cut it. Now to any normal thirty-something-year old, this would not be a daunting task, but for me, it was. Cutting is NOT my strong suit, nor is free-handed drawing. Hubby says I failed cutting class in kindergarten…at least I know why it took my four-year old, so long to learn too.

Anywho, I am quite proud of  the way “Ghosty” turned out.
Of course, Elle named him/it?

The décor could not stop with the door, so I used the three little pumpkins on my porch (that Harlan brought home today from his pumpkin patch field trip that his Omi and Papa took him too), as a reminder of the bag of pumpkins I had bought at Costco to ‘decorate’ with.

Surely, I could do a lot with them, and at $2.99 who wouldn’t?

So, I put a few in various places around the house…


Just enough of fall, for now.

Perhaps my favorite decoration of all is my black bird…
I bought it a week ago, when I bought all the other decorations, and put it up on top of my cookbook shelf for fun. You see, my love for the random black bird began with my friend, Nicole. She has one that perches on some branches in a tall vase by her front door. I was  always drawn to it, but not having any branches by my door of my own, I never really exercised my desire to own one. But, when I saw this one, it reminded me so much of her, and how I smile every time I see it.

It took hubby 4 days, before he said, “what’s the deal with the bird”? After informing him it had been there awhile, I told him the story I just told all of you.

It just makes me smile. And I am pretty sure it will most likely reside there on that shelf in my kitchen permanently, not just for the fall season like Ghosty and the pumpkins. There days are numbered.

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4 thoughts on “Day 8: behind the black door ~ ghosts

  1. Got a quick peek at Owly on your mantle – looks so good there for fall! “What’s the deal with the bird?” is a question I get regularly. But yesterday, there were lots of people over, and no one asked. I’m sure they think we’re crazy. Love your craftiness!

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