Day 9: behind the black door ~ bloody h-e-double hockey sticks

Everyday, I look for inspiration from the day, for my daily post. Unfortunately, today, was blood and yet another visit to the doctor. This is the second time in 3 weeks that Elle has gone to the ER, and exactly a month, to the day,  that she face planted on her balance bike resulting in the scariest hamburger face and bloody mouth I have ever seen.


I seriously thought she had lost her front teeth there was so much blood. I did not take her in for this one, though I probably should have. It turns out she just busted that thingy inside the upper gums that connects to the lip (insert technical name here), and her face. She still has red spots (hopefully not scars) under her chin and on her cheek from this accident.

Then, 3 weeks ago, yet another balance bike accident. I was going to keep mum on this one, but the totality of the circumstance, has left me no choice. Let’s just say, her bike fell sideways, and her crotch caught the fall on the handle of the handle bar. Ouch! There was blood and an ER exam, and the rest I will remain private (no pun intended). She is okay, and everything is okay too.

Then today, she was running around with her friend in the front yard, and caught her finger on one of the thorns from one of our rose bushes. It kind of ripped down her finger while she was still in motion. It instantly looked bad. She wouldn’t let me clean it, or look at it, and she actually locked herself in the bathroom crying so I couldn’t. I was my usual frantic self when it comes to seeing blood oozing out of my children. Funny I studied serial killers, and had a life long aspiration to be a criminal profiler for the FBI, but I freak-out damn near have a panic attack when I see my children’s blood. Other people’s, no problem. I told Elle if she wouldn’t let me look at or clean it, we would have to go to the doctor’s. Being an ER vet, she wanted to go. She actually perked up and said, “I want to go to the emergency one when I fell on my handle bar.” She is amazing. What kid actually likes the doctor. She never wants to leave when we go, either.


I wasn’t sure if the thorn was still in the wound, but after a good cleaning and a 15 minute soak, the cut was just that. A cut, that will heal. Some ointment and a band-aid later, she is one happy girl. That, and the help of frozen yogurt, of course.

Fingers crossed this will be the last of the blood behind the black door… at least until Halloween. Even then, it better be fake.

circle1This post is part of a 31 day series. To read more and follow along, click here.


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