Day 12: behind the black door~ powerful words

Today started off well. We went to my nephew’s soccer game as a family. It was my first, of many, I am sure, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Not only is my nephew pretty amazing, I am sure ‘the boy’ is going to be pretty darn good himself one day. He seriously kicks a marble with accuracy every time. It is hysterical (well my mom thinks so anyway).

Afterward, I hit up 5 garage sales, and found some pretty cool stuff…A large metal Tonka dump truck for the boy, a bowling set, my little ponies for the girl, some other kids stuff, and a pumpkin. A real one. For free. Random. Perhaps the find of the day though, would have to be the two huge bags of Crayola colored sand (green and purple) that I got for $1. Hubby, didn’t understand why I would want colored sand, but I figured I would put it in the sand/water table for some colorful sensory play. I still think he doesn’t see its appeal. But, I do, and so do my kiddos.

Boys and girls in a nutshell. My little ponies on one side,
and Tonka trucks and trains on the other…

I loved watching them both. The best part…is it got BOTH my children side by side playing for a solid 30 minutes plus. This has almost never happened, besides in the bath tub. Which is only because they a forced to be in there together.

My daughter has not fully embraced her brother the way that I had hoped. Trust me, it is a million times better than her previous requests to “bring him back to the hospital,” but she still slams doors in his face most of the time. I am hoping when he talks more, things will get better. Double-crossies. She just wants someone to be able to engage in creative play with her, and he is not quite there. Not even close, really…He is still at the caveman level.

The rest of the day, wasn’t great. Hubby went to work {insert annoyed face here}, and my daughter decided that I was a robot, and she wanted to try out every single one of my buttons to see what would happen. I did my best to use “love and logic” when dealing with her hurtful words, but sometimes it is hard. Hearing the words, “I hate you,” is never easy, especially from the people you love the most.

When giving her some time to herself to think about her poor choice of  words, I came to the computer (yes, I still use one). I went to Facebook (my beloved source of friendship and entertainment), and saw a post that struck me hard. It was the year anniversary of a mother who had lost her son. It reminded me of how precious time truly is with your loved ones, especially your children.  At that moment, nothing else really seemed to matter. I powered through the rest of the day, trying to see the good in everything.

While putting the kids to bed tonight, I hugged and kissed my daughter, said, “I love you,”  turned off her light, and headed for the door (as I always do), when she replied, “I love you too, Mommy.” Best 5 words I have ever heard.

Not to say I haven’t heard them before from her ( I am still waiting for my son), but not usually with such conviction, and after a day like today, it just made it that much more special.

Feeling grateful.

Magazine Mom

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One thought on “Day 12: behind the black door~ powerful words

  1. Of course, as it’s been since these kids were born, we’re in testing mode here, just like you. Seriously, they know exactly which buttons to push. Such a tough week. You have such great perspective.

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