Day 13: behind the black door ~ hay, let’s throw a party

Today, hubby and I woke up and decided to do what we do best, host a dinner a party for his Mom, since it was her birthday. We were going to celebrate it next weekend, when we celebrate all the October birthdays in my hubby’s family, out a the ranch (hubby’s parents house). But, it just seemed right to get the fam together today.

So, I spent the first half of the morning cleaning, before taking my daughter and her neighbor friend to the pumpkin patch (as I had promised the day before).

It is the cutest farm, with a barn, and tons of animals that the kids can sit and hold. We went today, {solely} so they could hold the kittens.  I think they managed to hold about 5 each. It was a struggle to get them out of there without a cat under their dress…

or alive for that matter. My daughter is not the most delicate flower – I thought she was going to strangle this poor cat…
IMAG2482I promise you no cat was harmed, but it sure looks likes a Norman Bates moment, doesn’t it? The fact that she is smiling, is cause for concern. Dear, lord.  If she is practicing her serial-killer skills, I am in trouble…the mom is always first. Let’s hope she will learn to handle animals more properly with age.

After holding all the animals {gently}, we picked out some pumpkins, and headed home to prepare for the dinner party.

It was a lovely occasion…perfect weather, fun family time, and good food. Hubby thought the food was a little over cooked, but I, and everyone else, thought it was delicious.


I even got use my asparagus plate. What a country! And yes, that is my daughter literally licking her plate clean. She learned that from her dad.

It was a great day, with great company.

I took this picture at a red-light on the way to the pumpkin patch. It just made me smile.

Now, it can do the same for all of you.

Magazine Mom


this post is part of the 31 days series, behind the black door. To read more, and follow along, click here.


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