Day 18: behind the black door ~ the Dog Days Are Over…

After dropping my daughter off at preschool this morning, I heard one of my favorite ‘pick-me-up’ songs, Florence and the Machine’s, “Dog Days Are Over.” I think Florence Welch has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard, which is probably why I have never really analyzed the lyrics of the song – I am too mesmerized by her voice. However, today, It got me thinking. What are “dog days?” What is this song, and that phrase telling us?

Prior to this song, “dog days” simply referred to the hottest days of the year, usually occurring in July, August and September. More philosophically, it has been known to mean “the best days of their lives.”  In Florence and the Machine’s case, who the heck knows? I found lots of people ‘trying’ to decipher their lyrical code, but I liked this one the best –
“I think that the meaning is the worst is over and the moral being: ‘ To every high, there is a low. And to every down there is an up ‘. Life moves in cyclic patterns. Prepare for the worst when you’re joyous, but know that another happy time will arrive when you’re down. The song sounds very cheery on the ear, so just let the music tell you if it’s portraying a good or bad story. Pull out your own meaning from it. Your own interpretation is what matters.”

As I type, my daughter is lying on the floor, upset, because the coloring sheet she wanted me to print for her didn’t work. I told her it was stressing me out to try to find her pictures to print (none of them were bringing me to actual printable pages) when she could just color one of the 50 coloring books she has in front her. She told me I was stressing her out, and “I was the worst mom ever.” After a second of wallowing, she said it wasn’t true, and she loved me.

I know a thing or two about ups and downs. I often wonder if my best days, are behind me. Do you? Don’t get me wrong I {mostly} LOVE my kids, but life is very different now. Not bad {all of the time}, just different. Some weeks are great (last week) and some weeks are pretty miserable (this week). I know there was a movie, where two dads were sitting together at a park talking about this very thing, and I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me? Do you know what I am talking about? It made me, and hubby, laugh A LOT when we watched it, because it was so true, and relatable. Sometimes being a parent is the best thing ever, and sometimes it down right sucks. So why do we choose to be parents?

Because when it is good, it is REALLY GOOD.

When life is good, it gives you a euphoric high, which is way better than the high you got from the drugs you did before you had children (b.c).

The summer dog days are over, but I really hope, the best of life, is still yet to come. It seems the older I get, the more tragedies I see, endure, and hear. There is something to be said about the innocence of childhood, and life, before you have your own (children). Your view of the world is different. Simpler. Purer. A lot like the white faced, white dressed Florence Welch.

I have no idea what the meaning of the song is, I just know it makes me feel good, and I embrace those moments as they come, because I never know what the next moment will bring.

It is fair to say, that some days, I do long for simpler, purer days…and today, is one of those days.

an all over the place, Magazine Mom


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One thought on “Day 18: behind the black door ~ the Dog Days Are Over…

  1. Dog Days reminds that nothing will ever be perfect, but there is a silver lining to everything. It’s not easy to find, but it exists. We just have to be the kind of people to believe that it does. I love your blog Ashley!!!

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