Day 20: behind the black door ~ divide and conquer

I have come to realize, that after having multiple children, having an actual ‘all member’ family day is albeit existent. I know it is only going to become more true, as child activities, and their budding social lives, progress. Please tell me you know what I am talking about?

Today, was a prime example.

Our morning began at 6:36 am when ‘the boy’ awoke, at his usual time. It was hubby’s turn to entertain the little guy, while I got caught up on some much needed beauty sleep (I swear I have aged 3 years in the past 2 months). Sadly, it didn’t help. While I was blissfully dreaming of beautiful wrinkle-free skin, Hubby took the boy to the dump and the grocery store. Meanwhile, thirty-minutes later, my beauty rest ended when ‘the girl’ came to bed-side (does anyone else find this freaky) informing me it was time to wake up. From that moment on, it was one of us had one kid, while the other parent did something with the other kid. There was a short period during a quick trip to the Dollar store, that hubby had both kids, and I did my hair.

If you don’t own a “wand“, you should. It makes for the best, long-lasting, curls. It is all the craze these days. Trust me, you will thank me later.

Sorry for the beauty tip break…you will probably be seeing more of them, btw.

Back to dividing and conquering. I took my daughter to a birthday party, at Funderland, which was fantastic.


Hubby stayed home while the boy napped. After the birthday party, I came back home, picked up the boy, and headed to hubby’s parents house for a birthday dinner party. Hubby, meet us there.  At the party, I helped in the kitchen, while he entertained the kiddos outside. I came home immediately after dinner to put the boy to bed (to maintain routine), while hubby and the girl, stayed for cake and presents.

You get the picture.

I am not sure I can say we were at any place, all together, for longer than 5 minutes. This is not how weekends are supposed to play out. Right?

By the end of the weekend, I feel like I haven’t really conquered anything. Surely not, the mountain of laundry spewing all over my couch right now.

The point of all this is, I wish I were doing more conquering and less dividing… especially as a family!

What’s your secret?

Magazine Mom


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3 thoughts on “Day 20: behind the black door ~ divide and conquer

  1. We have recently declared that either sat or sun is family of four day no matter what. We might do something simple but nothing else can happen (no market, parties, studying, blogging). So far its been great for all of us. You just have to make it work

  2. I saw this quote, “You know your mother when your fantasies are about sleeping.” With 2 challenging boys and a hubby that lives on an airplane 90%, I don’t know if Im coming or going half the time. We try to make Sunday’s about family, football, family dinner and breathing. LOL! My head still hurts from last week. 🙂

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