Day 22: behind the black door ~ spooktacular nails

Lately, I have been noticing that my daughter requires a lot less attention than she used to. This is good news, except, it easy for me to take advantage of it, which I have.

Everyday, after school, she goes to her room, closes the door, and plays with intricate toys in imaginary ways for hours. Each animal ‘trinket’ gets a chance to speak, and they answer one another, and before you know it, every toy trinket has its place on her bedroom floor, or in one of the 4 doll houses she owns (which rarely gets visits from actual dolls) chatting amongst themselves. It is really enjoyable to listen too, which I usually am, while I blog (at least for these last 22 days).

She does, eventually, come out of her room, and ask for lunch, which I then make. After she leisurely eats her culinary treat, while watching one of her favorite shows, she comes into the office, with me, and does some sort of artsy thing.

Yesterday, she painted a unicorn canvas that we picked up at the SPCA thrift store in town over the weekend for .50 cents.


Serious bragging rights. I think it turned out beautiful. She is only 4.5 years-old, and she stays in the lines when she colors, better than I do.

But today, was a little different. I could tell she needed some mommy and me time.  So, I decided to not write a post, and instead spend some  quality time with my adorable daughter.

When I asked her, “what she wanted to do,” she said, she wanted her nails done, in Halloween theme, and went into my room and brought me the colors she wanted out of my nail bag. Yes, I have a nail bag. It is pretty ratty too, because a few bottles have spilt inside it over the years…maybe for my birthday coming up I will buy one for myself (nudge-nudge, wink-wink).

Anywho, here is what she brought me to work with

All excellent choices.

She said she would like, “a ghost, a pumpkin and a kitty nail.” I did my best to deliver…

I realize it is not perfect, but I was using a toothpick, so it is amazing they turned out as well as they did.

The nails were super fun to do, because I could do a design on every nail…

If you can’t tell, there are creep eyes (black thumb you can’t see), a bat, a ghost, a jack-o’-lantern, and a boo nail. Of course I forgot to take a picture of the other hand, which had a few different variations of these.

a closer look
a closer look

I am sure all my hard work, will be chewed off tomorrow, so I thought I better share them with you, now.

Aren’t they spooktacular?

Magazine Mom

Ps. I will resume neglect tomorrow.


this post is part of a 31 day series. To read more, and follow along, click here.

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