Day 26: behind the black door ~ Pinterested in this?

To be completely honest, as I usually am, I am having a horrible day. Not like my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day I had a while back, but a bitter one. Simply stated, expectations got the best of me today. Thinking things were going to go one way (in my mind), and them actually happening, very differently. I am not feeling like boring you all with my “bitter woman” song and dance, so instead I thought I would share with you the most useful pin I have pinned on Pinterest in quite some time (well other than my own of course).

By the way, hubby has actually created a song about a “bitter woman” which he sings to me, about me, when he sees my bitter scowl I wear so well. You know the one when you have had your kids all day, nothing went right, and you are trying to make dinner, and your hubby is late? Yep, that scowl.

The witty song goes something like this…

Bitter woman,
walking down the street,
bratty kids, clingy at her feet,
bitter woman,
sneering at everyone she meets

Anywho, he is not quite the lyrical genius, but the song does make me smile every time he sings it. I guess that is his way of ‘playing.’

If you are anything like me, meal planning simply doesn’t happen as often as it should, or at all.

I had pretty much lost all hope, until I repined a pin, from {multiple} friends. With a title like “Easy Peasy Meal Planning,” I knew I would love whatever they would have to say. Its like they stole the verbiage right out of my mouth.

Sure enough, it is pure genius.

You simply have to check it out for yourself.

The gist is, she suggests you create a theme for each night of the week, and pull from a list (she even provides, or you can create one on your own) making it easy to plan ahead, and get yourself out of the bad dinner rut you are living in. Ahem.

I know something about this.

Sunday is the day I would ‘like’ to meal plan, so this comes at a perfect time, and hopefully for any other weekend warriors out there.

Piggy backing off Peanut Blossoms plan, this weeks themes (in my house) are going to be:
PicMonkey Collage3

As you can see, it can be fun, and as creative as you want it to be.

I know, and now most of you do as well, that Friday’s are my busiest day, so it makes the most sense to have that be a take-out or Dine-out night.

I have always wanted to incorporate a movie and/or game night so I think Saturday is the perfect day for that.

Obviously these are not set in stone, but you can adjust and change them as need be.

Again, Tiffany from Peanut Blossom, provides some really good examples and recipes to fit within your weekday themes, so I don’t have to.

See, I am already making things simpler.

No more excuses.

I can’t wait to hear about any themes your creative minds come up with.

Bitter Woman (Magazine Mom)



To read more about this bitter woman, and my 31 day blog challenge. Click here.


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