Day 30: behind the black door ~ things I have learned {about myself} in the last 30 days


I do REALLY well at self challenges

I need to make more self challenges

Folding laundry is no longer a priority

I really love the Eastwind Organic GF Granola Bars from Costco

I suck at listening

and I am even worse at emailing

I miss my friends

and my husband even more

I neglect my son a little too much since he now allows me too (hence his chaffing rash caused from too heavy of pee diapers)

I am more creative than I give myself credit for

Music is my outlet for stress (my whole families, actually)

You really can do so much with a Sharpie pen

I really LOVE drinking my one cup of coffee in the car (less interruption)

I have a hard time confessing wrongs to my daughter – like that I dropped her beloved kitty cat pumpkin on the ground and cracked it in two pieces

My children eat a LOT of In-n-Out Burger

I can’t put something on the stove and then come into the office to work on something on the computer (as I burn my sons millet mush as we speak I type)

Eating egg salad sandwichs makes for rotten smelling farts

I need to get my hair done more often

I do not have much tact at times

I miss watching television. Bad television.

Clicking the “like” button on Facebook or WordPress  is a message of worth

Having a ‘made bed’, clears my mind

I like my pillows much better now that I moved the blue ones to the back (thanks for all the suggestions)

I need to lay off the sweets (according to my skinny jeans that I can no longer button)

I love to shop retail, but I like thrifting more.

FPIES really sucks.

I am TMI Tuesday ( you know, like throwback Thursday)

I need an iPhone. The glass shards on my broken HTC are simply not cutting it anymore (no-pun intended)

My yard looks like a day care facility, even when we are sleeping

I need more supportive shoes

I really like getting new “followers”, thanks to all of you 🙂

I should stop wiping my daughters butt for her

I could probably feed a small group of children lunch with the amount of food debris I have in my car

People don’t read my blog on Saturday nights

or Tuesday’s.

I am a fan of child labor

Sauvignon blanc is definitely my favorite wine (this year)

Charlie and the Chocolate factory is a fun book to read to my daughter. The Oompa-Lumpa’s are hysterically passive aggressive, and their songs are hilarious.

I don’t like being touched when I am eating

I am REALLY cheap

Mascara and lip gloss can turn anyone from drab to fab

Don’t trust a fellow facebook-er with the date of my bestie’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Krisitine!)

I have anger issues. Lots.

I am not going to be 34 next month, only 33.

Weekday meal themes really do work (confession I switched my taco night with my noodle night)

I leave my children in a running car for long periods of time, while I quietly get things done inside my house

My breath stinks in the morning (hubby told me to this one). How do some people wake up with fresh breath? Don’t tell me Crest.

I want to get rid of my flab. News flash: I actually joined a gym today!

I like to sign some posts with Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey humor (I hope you have been getting them)

I spend WAY too much time editing photos for my posts

I really enjoy being a working parent at my daughters school so I can see, and capture, moments like this

I leave everything until the last minute

Hence, why I need to stop blogging so I can go paint my “bee nails” and attach Velcro to my sons costume for tomorrow mornings Halloween parade.

Magazine Mom


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