Life as I know {knew} it.

For me, life has changed dramatically. Not just because of the time change either, though I swear I am still feeling its wrath.

brace yourselves.

Since I have wrote last {ahem}, my son, who has had FPIES, has ate and passed with no issues, yogurt, pizza, mac n cheese, rice, beans, corn, wheat, ice cream, baked egg,  even donuts. I have husband to thank for the last one.

I am not quite ready to say he has outgrown FPIES like the statics said (67% by age 3) he would. There are still lots of things I have not trialed with him. I simply live day to day. If he asks to try something, which is amazing in and of itself, I let him. If his belly doesn’t hurt him, or have any other reactions, I move on, and continue to let his palate explore.

photo 1 (1)

eating a bun for the first time
eating a bun for the first time

It is so fun to see his face light up when he asks to try something and I say, yes! I always said I would cry the first time he could eat cake {which I am doing now as I type} and fortunately for him, his sisters birthday party is this weekend, and I am going to give him a great big heaping slice. My tears are not only happiness but the relinquish of pain I have felt for him, me and our family as we bared this trialing part of our lives for the past 3 years.

life is good.

photo 1

We got ourselves some amazing new neighbors, and with that, he even got his first real friend. Best. I got new friends too! A total bonus, they love the spirits (especially the sparkly and fermented kind) as much as I do.

Now I know what I have been missing for all these years!

Would you believe, I actually let my children stay up till its dark!? Shocking, right!?

My mom is so proud!

I am proud.

Life has come along way. So it seems.

Tomorrow (or today depending on when you read this), I have a 6-year old! I couldn’t be more proud of her. She has made some amazing strides and “has become, as I quote my mom after her visit this week,  a really sweet and caring little girl.” She is thriving in school, and her creativity is infectious.


I am proud.

Life as I know it, is changing.

For the better.

Magazine Mom

PS. I even have a working shower and toilet in my master bath! Glorious.

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