Day 9: behind the black door ~ bloody h-e-double hockey sticks

Everyday, I look for inspiration from the day, for my daily post. Unfortunately, today, was blood and yet another visit to the doctor. This is the second time in 3 weeks that Elle has gone to the ER, and exactly a month, to the day,  that she face planted on her balance bike resulting in the scariest hamburger face and bloody mouth I have ever seen.


I seriously thought she had lost her front teeth there was so much blood. I did not take her in for this one, though I probably should have. It turns out she just busted that thingy inside the upper gums that connects to the lip (insert technical name here), and her face. She still has red spots (hopefully not scars) under her chin and on her cheek from this accident.

Then, 3 weeks ago, yet another balance bike accident. I was going to keep mum on this one, but the totality of the circumstance, has left me no choice. Let’s just say, her bike fell sideways, and her crotch caught the fall on the handle of the handle bar. Ouch! There was blood and an ER exam, and the rest I will remain private (no pun intended). She is okay, and everything is okay too.

Then today, she was running around with her friend in the front yard, and caught her finger on one of the thorns from one of our rose bushes. It kind of ripped down her finger while she was still in motion. It instantly looked bad. She wouldn’t let me clean it, or look at it, and she actually locked herself in the bathroom crying so I couldn’t. I was my usual frantic self when it comes to seeing blood oozing out of my children. Funny I studied serial killers, and had a life long aspiration to be a criminal profiler for the FBI, but I freak-out damn near have a panic attack when I see my children’s blood. Other people’s, no problem. I told Elle if she wouldn’t let me look at or clean it, we would have to go to the doctor’s. Being an ER vet, she wanted to go. She actually perked up and said, “I want to go to the emergency one when I fell on my handle bar.” She is amazing. What kid actually likes the doctor. She never wants to leave when we go, either.


I wasn’t sure if the thorn was still in the wound, but after a good cleaning and a 15 minute soak, the cut was just that. A cut, that will heal. Some ointment and a band-aid later, she is one happy girl. That, and the help of frozen yogurt, of course.

Fingers crossed this will be the last of the blood behind the black door… at least until Halloween. Even then, it better be fake.

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Day 8: behind the black door ~ ghosts

Okay, there are no ghosts living behind the black door, but there is one living on the black door.

A few days ago, while at, none other than, the Dollar Store, I found a Halloween door mat. I have never really decorated for Halloween before, other than my last years spider web door craft, but I let it be the inspiration for me to actually decorate this year. Maybe this year we may actually get a trick-or-treater. Fingers-crossed.

IMAG2422 (2)

I ended up picking the one with ghosts on it, because it was the least scary. Though Elle is into Halloween, she not so much into the scary parts of Halloween.

I have always wanted to do something on the door, that was a little different, and something I could make… so these ghosts inspired me to make a ghost of my own, for the door.

The Dollar Store had the perfect material to do it – a roll of white wrapping paper, super sized. Super.
IMAG2406Then I found a ghost shape on the ‘information super highway’, ( for you layman’s, the internet), and let Elle choose. Can you believe she said she wanted a scary one. Go figure.  So, we settled on the one above.

All I had to do was lay out the paper, and draw the ghost shape using the picture as my muse, and cut it. Now to any normal thirty-something-year old, this would not be a daunting task, but for me, it was. Cutting is NOT my strong suit, nor is free-handed drawing. Hubby says I failed cutting class in kindergarten…at least I know why it took my four-year old, so long to learn too.

Anywho, I am quite proud of  the way “Ghosty” turned out.
Of course, Elle named him/it?

The décor could not stop with the door, so I used the three little pumpkins on my porch (that Harlan brought home today from his pumpkin patch field trip that his Omi and Papa took him too), as a reminder of the bag of pumpkins I had bought at Costco to ‘decorate’ with.

Surely, I could do a lot with them, and at $2.99 who wouldn’t?

So, I put a few in various places around the house…


Just enough of fall, for now.

Perhaps my favorite decoration of all is my black bird…
I bought it a week ago, when I bought all the other decorations, and put it up on top of my cookbook shelf for fun. You see, my love for the random black bird began with my friend, Nicole. She has one that perches on some branches in a tall vase by her front door. I was  always drawn to it, but not having any branches by my door of my own, I never really exercised my desire to own one. But, when I saw this one, it reminded me so much of her, and how I smile every time I see it.

It took hubby 4 days, before he said, “what’s the deal with the bird”? After informing him it had been there awhile, I told him the story I just told all of you.

It just makes me smile. And I am pretty sure it will most likely reside there on that shelf in my kitchen permanently, not just for the fall season like Ghosty and the pumpkins. There days are numbered.

Magazine Mom

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Day 4: behind the black door ~ Artsy Fartsy

As I sit here typing in one of my daughter’s tutu’s,


I am reminded that in this house, we are all a little artsy fartsy. Mostly, artsy, often farsty (especially when it is a gluten or dairy night).

and no, I am not normally blogging in a tutu.  Elle and I just finished a ballerina dance session, that she spent 30 minutes preparing for, when the actual session, only lasted about 3.


Isn’t that always the case (ahem).

Elle is incredibly artistic, and would spend her merry life, singing, song writing, coloring, making junk art, painting, and choosing “fashy” outfits to wear.

Just today, we brought this self-portrait masterpiece home from school,
IMAG2326 (2)
and WE decided that it would look great on her bedroom door.
I actually kind of like it.

She has actually requested {several times} that half of her bedroom, be turned into an art gallery (of her own art, of course). If she brings home anymore junk art, I just might have to.

The boy, I am not quite sure about yet.

Here is first ever drawing that he did by himself just a few days ago

IMAG2372 (2)1
Sissy thinks he is “amazing” and she can’t believe he did it all by himself.

and he is a fan of Michaels, so maybe there is hope, yet.

Btw, bringing something for your child to push around while you shop, has to be the best thing I have ever learned {this week}… Thanks, Molly.

Hubby is an artist in his own right too. He is an amazing cabinetry and wine cellar designer and builder, craftsmen, you name it. He can do it, and well. Sometimes it is even vexing. Vexing is his favorite fancy word btw, so I thought it would be appropriate to use.

Now, me. I guess I have learned to be artsy and less fartsy over the last few years. My besties can attest to that.

What goes better with art, than wine?
Drinking wine and having to put it down on top of the trash can (that you haven’t brought in), to help your daughter fly her ‘thrifted’ Barbie kite, in the biggest wind storm our town has seen in months.

My fabulous day ended with a “pop-in” from my dear friend, Nicole.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Oh, as for the wine,

I HIGHLY recommend it. Not only always, but this particular kind.

Tribunal, is the name. I got it at Trader Joe’s for $9.99 after trying it a few months ago.

For those of you know me, know I only drink white wine, and champagne. That’s how good this is. It brought me to the dark side.

Maybe you will join me there too.

Magazine Mom

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Day 3: behind the black door ~ “lord, the house looks like a rummage sale…”

yes”…I  love me some Credence Clearwater Revival, and, yes, rummage sales.

My day started off as any other. Did morning routine, and got kiddo to school (on time I might add).

My daughter goes to a parent Co-op preschool (DPNS), and the party planner/ OCD/ type-A person in me, signed up to be on the preschool board as this years auction co-chair (the other “co” being my dear friend, Molly) and support in general fundraising.

This Saturday, our school is having it’s annual bazaar/rummage sale (I prefer rummage) and being we are a ‘co-operative’ school, we all required to partake in a job (i.e. sorting prior to, signs, day of working the sale, etc.).

Being the eager beaver, team player, avid rummage ‘saler’ that I am, I have signed myself up for every shift on Friday.

Now, the fact that I get to see all the donations come in, and get first dibs, might play a part in my overzealousness, but nonetheless, I am doing my do diligence.

So, you can imagine my utter despair when I noticed today yesterday that there were still 12 time slots, and various tasks that needed to be filled.

One being signage!

Any garage ‘saler” knows that signage is the key to success.

I immediately called my cohort, Molly, to meet me at the Dollar store (apparently my new favorite place) and decided WE would make the signs.

After buying the supplies, and other things, we later reconvened outside our daughters school on the lawn, for a picnic and emergency signage project.

It was quite lovely. Other moms joined in to lend their support, the kids played, and spilt stuff all over me, and the signs

20131002_122405 (2)

and my daughter even threw her stuffed cat in the air, and got it stuck in the tree.

IMAG2327 (2)
It was quite comical.

Some of the moms and kids tried to get it down
IMAG2328 (2)1
and eventually they did, with a broom.

IMAG2330 (2)1
she was one happy girl

IMAG2331 (2)

meanwhile, back at the crafting front..

we realized time was running out, so we divided the supplies up and decided to bring the stuff home and finish it after the kiddos went to sleep.

I wasn’t off to a good start, as you can see in the lower left corner
would you believe that I turned it over and re-used the back, got completely finished, and realized I had spelt a word wrong again!

This time, I spelled “children’s”, ‘childerns’.

I used to be such a good speller too…what a waste.

I would also like to point out, that I have never been known for my nice hand-writing, but despite that, they ended up turning out quite nicely.

Or as hubby says, “hip and vibrant”.

I think I will have to agree.
IMAG2338 (2)1
Now, I have to put them up all around town.

I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to Friday.


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Day 2: Behind the black door ~ lurks FPIES

circle1It may come as no surprise, that things aren’t always what they seem. Much like my seemingly picture perfect door that I used for my 31 day button. I had to Photoshop {well picmonkey} the heck out of the smudge marks, and the flaws on the exterior walls of my entryway.

Like the doors and the walls leading into our house, the people living inside are not always as they appear either. No, I am not talking about me. Of course not. I am always as I appear. Disheveled and bitter during the day, completely relaxed and well put together at night.

You know what I am talking about moms.

I am referring to my son. Not a single person would ever look at him, and think that he has severe food allergies. But, he does.

He has, what is called, Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES), which is an allergic reaction in the gastrointestinal system.

The most common triggers are milk and soy, but any food (even those thought to be hypoallergenic e.g. rice, oat) can cause an FPIES reaction. Unlike most food allergies, the FPIES reactions are delayed and usually begin about 2 hours after ingestion of the causative food. FPIES reactions are characterized by profuse vomiting and diarrhea. In about 20% of cases the child will have such an extreme reaction to a food that they will go into shock and need to be taken quickly to the Emergency Room for immediate treatment. About 75% will have acute episodes on diagnosis. The other 25% children will have more chronic symptoms, which resolve within 1 week after avoiding the food (The International Association for Food Protein Enterocolitis (IAFFPE).

My son, Harlan, experiences more of the chronic symptoms such as, mucousy and/or bloody diarrhea, horrid diaper rash (like a chemical burn), colicky behavior, and interrupted sleep.

Throughout our FPIES journey, he has trialed 40+ different foods and has failed all but 12.

Currently, his only safe foods (ingredients really) are…

safe foods

Clearly, trying to find things for him to eat proves difficult. I don’t know what we would do if he couldn’t have his special hydrolyzed protein formula (Nutramigen). That is where he gets the bulk of his protein and fats from.

He sadly basically eats the exact same foods everyday, for every meal…
~homemade muffins that I make from a recipe I found and adapted.
~he eats a variety of, pear puree, spinach, broccoli, and mango, and sometimes with his favorite millet puffs. Millet puffs are so messy, that I limit his consumption due to unsightly mess he makes and rigorous clean-up.
~Cheecha Puffs have changed my life, as well as, Jenny-O turkey hotdogs, and
~In-N-out Burger’s French fries.
~he also eats a “millet mush” I concoct with hulled millet, pear puree, spinach, broccoli and mango (and sometimes Turkey hotdogs when I am feeling really crazy)
~homemade pancakes (a recipe I got from a fellow FPIES mom…thanks, Amity)
~and pear, watermelon or mango (or all three)

until (dun, dun, dun)…

last night, when the dollar store was out of Jenny-O hotdogs (seriously, I can’t believe I buy meat products at the dollar store).  I was forced to get creative (they are the only store I can find them at).

Harlan, has never liked ground turkey in any form (texture thing, I am guessing), and I have been wanting to try to find a meatloaf recipe using his limited ingredients.

After a cursory “Google” search, I came across this one that I could totally make work.

here is the final result


{print  it  ~ millet meatloaf}

 Good news, he LOVED it. He actually ate every last bite on his plate.
Though I wish I could add a lucky “13” to the safe food list, this new recipe feels like a little victory!

I look forward to many more small victory’s with him.

He is a challenging boy, and he is lucky he is so stinkin’ adorable, or else he may have ended up on the front steps of our local fire station.


I think.

FPIES is just one of the many things we have ‘going on’ behind the black door.

Hope you follow along to find out more.

Magazine Mom

31 days “behind the black door”

Hello, again! To all my friends, I am glad you came to play, the fun and learning never ends…

dang you Barney!

I can’t believe that it is October already, and that I have agreed to do The Nesters 31 day blog challenge.
If you are new to me, the self-proclaimed Magazine Mom, I reluctantly joined this challenge last year and ended up loving it, and found out a lot about myself, and my audience. I may have scared a few people away with some graphic content about the female reproductive anatomy, in my 31 days: Confessions of a Magazine Mom (the things I wish someone told me about pregnancy and motherhood), magazines on table

and who knows, I might scare some more away with my “no filter”, “say it like it is” {written} tongue… but, I don’t care. I am a realist, remember?  Self-proclaimed, of course.

This year, when deciding on a topic, I was a little stumped. I won’ t lie. But then, what better way to let someone into your world, then opening up your door to them.  Specifically, a black door, like the one that adorns my house.
31 days2
I can tell you that behind this door, there are laughs, screams, un-finished projects, an occasional good meal, bitterness, love, a fly, or two, or three (gosh they are bad this year), craftiness, and booze. How else can we make it through it all. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

This door also houses the good, the bad, and the ugly of motherhood and parenting. All of which I experience, daily.

I hope you will join me again this year, for another humorous adventure, behind the black door, I call my life!

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Get ready, I know I am not.
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