Day 25: Behind the black door ~ bee-ing busy has left me feeling sheepish

Wow, it has been a busy day, hence why I am just starting to blog, and it is, oh, 10 o’clock pm. I seriously don’t know how people with more than two kids under the age of 5 do it. I mean, the school drop-off’s and pick-ups are enough to do you in, let alone all the ‘extra curricular activities.’ Friday’s are for sure, my busiest. I drop off my daughter at preschool at 9:00 am,  with ‘the boy’ in tow. I try to get out of there as fast as I can because siblings are not supposed to play and we are advised to keep them by our side, the whole duration of drop-off and pick-up. Yeah, right. If you have met my son, you understand why this is nearly impossible. He beelines straight to the heavy equipment “Tonka” toys, or the trains, or the large fire trucks, or the art table, or the sand box….you get the picture. Today, I just let him play for awhile why I chatted with a mom about blankets (lovies, or as we call them, ‘night nights’). It was quite the comical conversation, especially since I told her I have met a few adults (like in their 30s) who still sleep with them. Sorry, if you are one of them. I am sure there is hope for you yet. Needless to say, I enjoyed the talk, and we are already planning our weaning process and saving money for their therapy.

On Fridays, after I carry him out, crying, we head off together to the gymnastics facility for his “Diaper Daredevils” class. I have a few ‘mommy group’ friends and their sons in the class with me and Harlan, so it is always fun to watch our ‘second batch’ grow up together like our firsts did. It is a lot fun, for all of us, except for the part, my son pushes down his classmates. He is showing signs of improvement. Today it was only 3 kids, last week it was 5. Sigh.

After class, we always hang out outside the building and chat and have snacks to burn up time before we have to pick-up our older kids from preschool. Today was extra nice. The conversation was great, the child interaction was amazing, and It made me feel very fortunate and happy to have this time and moments with my son, and my friends.

Then I picked up my daughter, and managed to carry the boy out, without crying, (yay!), and headed home for a playdate with my dear friend, and my daughters best friend. It was a perfect afternoon. Until it had to end, because we had to head back to preschool for my sons turn at his sisters school. I do, “playgroup” with him on Fridays for an hour and half, and my daughter comes with us for the afterschool program there as well. Ay yi yi…it is a lot for one day. The driving alone.

It is all worth it though. I love their school, and because I love their school, I decided I would help my sons teacher make felt pieces for story time. The twelve kids all want to be able to hold a felt piece and participate during nursery rhymes, so she asked for some volunteers to make enough pieces for all the kids, for every story. I jumped at the chance. My daughter is obsessed with felt boards, and in turn, I have become a huge fan myself, so I love the idea of knowing that my felts will be used for many years to come. The school just celebrated its 65th anniversary, so I hope these felts can be used for 65 more.

I am in charge of ‘twinkle, twinkle, little star”, “Baa Baa black sheep”, and “Here is the beehive”. Twelve stars, twelve black sheep , twelve bumble bee’s, and a beehive. Simple enough.

I went to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. What did I ever do before Pinterest? I shudder to think.

Once I pinned a few things, I went to Michaels to buy felt, and got started.

I had an ingenious thought (I do that from time to time). Why not trace the images straight from my computer screen, onto the felt to ensure precision and uniformity? So, I did. Hubby saw me doing it, and said I was “cheating.” I told him, “it is NOT cheating… it is genius.” He only wishes he had thought of it first.


from start to finish
from start to finish

Of course, my daughter already put the bee’s to good use on one of her own felt boards.

I am really quite proud of the way they turned out.
PicMonkey Collage1
I will say, the sheep are a little more challenging. I could not trace on the black, so as you can see. I did one in yellow, and had to trace it to the black. They definetly do not come out as uniformally shaped as I would like, but I have to let go of details sometimes. Right? I mean, I could have made them extra fancy If I actually knew how to sew…but I happen to think they are pretty cute as is.

Now, I am really exhausted.

I am off to count sheep, and catch some well deserved, Zzzzzzzzzz’s.

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