How Crafty?

As many of you know, “the boy” has a VERY limited diet as a result of having FPIES. I am fortunate to have a few pre-made baby food options for him, and we buy them by the plenty. With some costing upwards to $1.65 each, they are bank breakers, but with an already chaotic and stressful life, I need the convenience. I set up an Amazon “subscribe and save” shipment of them to cut down on cost (arriving once a month) and I am kind of kicking myself in the a$$ for not having come up with this brilliant idea sooner. Oh well, live and learn (to be thrifty).

Anywho, if you are wondering how this makes me crafty, let me enlighten you.

Whenever Target is having a sale on their baby food pouches,

one of our go tos
one of our go tos

I buy a whole container full of our 4 flavors of combinations we can get (pear, mango, pear/spinach, and pear/spinach/mango) to stock up, and I keep the container to store them in our newly organized pretty pantry.

Now, you can buy these contraptions to store them in…

Munchin baby food pouch organizer
Munchkin baby food pouch organizer

 which will set you back around $11. Or, you can just get these cardboard containers free from Target (or wherever you buy your food), and decorate them to match your esthetics.


Now we're talkin'
Now we’re talkin’

I found this amazing wrapping paper in the dollar section at Target, which was a uber find, considering I plan to re-do my kitchen nook in the same Moroccan inspired design. Double-score.

I laid out the wrapping paper face down and began to trace…

Of course, I then cut it out and began to decoupage it (with Martha Stewart Crafts “Decoupage”)…

A little time later…

Okay, a lot time later -do to me failing “cutting and glueing” in kindergarten (says hubby)

I was finished…
There you have it…

My craftiness in all its glory, and a cheap fix storage solution for baby food pouches!