Day 27: Behind the black door ~heavy equipment obsessed

My son is a boy. Not only because his chromosomes, and anatomy tell me so, he is a true – likes to get dirty, obsessed with anything with wheels, enjoys anything he can kick or throw, grunts when he sees heavy equipment, and plays with trucks, tractors and trailers every waking moment, BOY.

I would fool no one if I were conducting the next Baby X experiment. Maybe his hair, would fool the able minded.

PicMonkey Collage4

I must admit, I have just recently discovered the power of YouTube. I know, I am slightly behind the times, but I never really saw a use for it, until now. Hubby gets sucked in the “tube vortex” all of the time, so I guess I have always resented it. Now, I stick ‘the boy’ in front of the computer, with a drink and snack, and turn on heavy equipment videos. Just tractors in action. He LOVES it. I get to take a shower, do my make-up, and dry my hair, all in silence. Well, I occasionally have to get up to change videos, and I do hear an occasional grunt, but otherwise – pure bliss.

I probably shouldn’t be proud of my new-found babysitter, but I am.

I think it is better than half of the stuff on TV.

Granted, I do have to be careful…the other day he clicked on video that had some rather vulgar language…but it could have been worse. He may have found one his dads files. Hee hee.

Aside from his heavy equipment obsession, I can’t seem to get him to wear any shirts that do not have Thomas, of Thomas and friends, on the front (like shown above). I can sometimes distract him with a Dinosaur shirt if one of his three Thomas shirts are not available (aka, dirty). Crazy. Even my daughter isn’t that picky…he is not even two years old for crying-out-loud.

I do like that he knows what he likes. He gets that from me.

The other day, I picked up a plain long-sleeved t-shirt for him on the clearance rack at Target, with the intent of making it something great.

Can’t beat that.

Well, brand new anyway.

After I realized that I could trace directly from the computer screen, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I searched Google for some heavy equipment images, and I chose some that seemed best suited for a silhouette shape. Not a lot of details, but had strong graphics.

I got right to work.

Using the same technique I used to make the felt pieces for my kid’s school, I placed the shirt directly on the computer screen. The screen was wearing the shirt.

photo 2-1 (2)
I just took a chance on placement, and chose my favorite machines that I knew he would love.

photo 2 (2)3
I LOVE how it turned out.

I, initially thought, I would fill in the shapes, but after completing them all, I love the modern vintage feel they bring in sketch form.

Don’t you?

photo 2 (2)

A big thanks to my friend, Esther (Happy Birthday!), who inspired me to make shirts for my son using a sharpie.

Her sons have many “Esther originals,” and I love the humor, originality, and love that they emulate.

I have got say, it feels good to use my creativity in different ways.

I wonder what I will do next?

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