Day 31: behind the black door ~ lights out

This 31 day journey, behind the black door, ends tonight…as well as the Halloween hype. Starting tomorrow, the stores will be filled with Christmas décor, and I will be having dinner with friends, working on getting my social life back.

It has been a fun, and relatively short month, surprisingly. I am not really sure what my intent was titling this years, October blog challenge, “behind the black door,” but at the very least, you know me, and my home, just a little bit more. If that is the case, then mission accomplished.

I will leave you with pictures of me, and my families Halloween day adventures.

DSC08717 (2)

Pink kitty strutting her stuff at the parade. If you haven’t noticed, I opted to drop the skirt…It took away from her kitty-ness. I found the tights last minute at Target to tie the whole look together.

Everyone LOVED her costume. Me included.

Elle with teacher Christina
Elle with teacher Christina


She looks a little more mouse than cat with that face, but I love it nonetheless

There is Harlan, stealing the show with his dancing, and making friends with Batman and a fellow pirate

Kitty-cat Elle with her dear friend, Emilie the witch
Kitty-cat Elle with her dear friend, Emilie the witch

my kiddos together, a rare photo moment
The Queen Bee herself, can’t get them together


Can you believe this is the one and only shot I have of me looking at the camera, and my eyes are closed?! Go figure…

let the trick or treating begin
I get to put that, in my that?


My dad, “g-pa”, came along too. A treat in-and-of-it self.

By the way, not sure about in your town, but there were a lot of witches, and pirates in ours, so when I saw this costume, I was over joyed.

I actually asked her, If I could take a picture of her (while I was doing so, the boy was pushing her back in hopes of getting one of her balloons on her fall).

He didn’t really push her down, and If you haven’t guessed, it is from the movie, UP.


PicMonkey Collage12
I am still baffled how I ended up with a daughter who does not like taking pictures. It is beyond me.

Once we had enough stimulation, and candy, we were done…just so happened to be 4 o’clock.

Gosh, I love daytime trick-or-treating.

The evening ended with pumpkin carving with g-pa
IMAG2765IMAG2766I swear she had fun.

Till next time…


Magazine Mom